Graduate Student to Present Summer Commencement Address

Glennis Nagel
Director, Media Communications, 308.865.8454

Graduate student Trent Steele, who came to Kearney from Beatrice, will give the summer commencement address during 10 a.m. ceremonies set for Friday, July 29, at the University of Nebraska at Kearney Health and Sports Center.

This year marks the first time in a decade that UNK has had summer commencement ceremonies. Steele was selected to give the commencement address based on a letter of application. He will receive a master’s degree in education, school principalship, 7-12.

In his letter of application, Steele wrote: “My pride in the education I have received at the University of Nebraska at Kearney leads me to submit my application…Over several decades, numerous members of my family have shared the experience of an excellent education at this institution.

“It has been a privilege to be a UNK graduate student, and I shall be honored to be an alum,” he concluded.

Steele holds a law degree from UNL. During law school, he won the Roscoe Pound Award for oral advocacy, the award for Best Brief in the Pound Moot Court competition and finished third in the nation in the National Client Counseling competition. Further, he is a member of the Order of the Barristers honor society and was twice selected as a John W. Gradwohl Scholar for the Nebraska Council of School Attorneys.

In addition, he co-chaired the Community Legal Education Project and was a law clerk for the Nebraska Attorney General. After graduation, he will serve as an assistant principal at Kearney High School.

UNK Chancellor Doug Kristensen will give the opening welcome. Elisia Anne Harvey of Alda, Class of 2005, will give the student greetings. Charles Lindley, president of the UNK Alumni Association, will give greetings on behalf of the association. The National Anthem will be performed by Dr. Jim Payne, UNK professor of music and performing arts.

For those unable to attend commencement, the ceremonies will be Webcast on the UNK Web site at:

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