Incoming UNK Freshmen Attend Student Advising and Enrollment Sessions

Michael Pelster
UNK assistant director of Undergraduate Recruitment, 308.865.8435

Making the transition to college can often be a big step for incoming freshman. That is why every summer the University of Nebraska at Kearney offers Student Advising and Enrollment (SAE), day-long sessions where new students and their parents get a first-hand glimpse of university offerings and university life.

From early June to late July, 40 to 50 students a day make their way onto the campus where they and their parents participate in an array of activities ranging from class registration to watching skits performed by the student members of SAE staff, according to Mike Pelster, UNK admissions counselor.

Pelster, who was a member of the SAE student staff two years ago, said he’s excited about the incoming group of freshman that he’s seen.

“They are very talented students, and they are a group that will be willing to get involved on the campus and in the community,” he said.

During SAE, students get a chance to hear from faculty members, meet with advisers from their department, get their picture taken for their student ID card, hear presentations by Greek and residence hall members, and be entertained by the skits performed throughout the day.

Unlike past years, Pelster said he and other members of the staff took pictures of the students in their small groups during the day. That way, Pelster said, each new student will get their group picture sent directly to their e-mail.

“Maybe later they’ll use it for a scrapbook or other memento,” Pelster said.

Student members of the SAE staff lead groups, talk with parents, perform skits and help with registration. Members of this year’s UNK SAE staff include returning members Brette Covington ofNorth Platte and Luke Saulisburry of Auburn. New members to the student staff are Jael Johnson of Gothenburg,   Melanie Spilinek of Weeping Water, Mike Eiberger of St. Paul  , Cody Sasek of Wilber,   Kristan Barleen of   Kearney   and Eric Seitz of Peoria, Ill.

Incoming freshmen who attended Student Advising and Enrollment sessions are listed alphabetically by town within their respective states. Nebraskans are listed first.

Incoming Freshmen (PDF)