June Employee of the Month: Kristi Anderson

Dusty Newton
director of the Office of Admissions, 308.865.8702

Kristi Anderson, Grounds Team Leader
June Employee of the Month

Kristi Anderson, Grounds Team Leader for Facilities Management and Planning is the June Employee of the Month.

Kristi is described by a colleague as an outstanding example of someone who is a team player, leads by example, strives for excellence, and takes pride in her job, her team and the University.  During the past year,
her department’s productivity and quality of work has been raised through Kristi’s planning and organization.  Some of those examples include:

·         Divided the campus into sections that were assigned to specific individuals. This allowed each individual to clearly understand their duties and the expectations of their job.
·         Created the Turf Specialist position to insure that all areas of the campus are aerated, fertilized, seeded, and top dressed.
·         Created the Irrigation Specialist position to insure all areas of campus receive the proper amount of water.
·         Created procedures and files for preventative maintenance of equipment.
·         Divided the campus sidewalks and parking lots into sections, which were assigned specific pieces of equipment and employees.
·         Developed an on call system for snow removal which assigns specific individuals to come in early to start snow removal, and allowing others to come in at their normal time. This has increased the coverage, while at the same time reducing cost by lowering the amount of comp time needed.

Kristi has been a guiding force in numerous projects on campus including:

·         A renovation of the softball fields. Last spring rock was added to the dugouts, the grass portions were aerated and seeded, and clay and sand mixture was placed on one of the infields. This spring all three infields are being leveled and will be given a sand and clay mixture. The infield arc is also being reshaped. Due the work that has been done on the softball fields, the University has been contacted by the City and other organizations, asking permission to use the fields for tournaments. This will bring income to the University.
·         Over forty trees were planted throughout the campus.
·         For Blue and Gold days, Kristi took the setup plans, organized her staff, and completed the setup before 10:00 a.m. Normally this is not completed before 2:00 p.m.
·         New landscaping was completed by the West Center parking lot.
·         New sod was installed around Bruner Hall, the new Greenhouse, and in various other locations.
·         Dead shrubs and juniper bushes were removed by Otto Olsen, General Services, and the Library, which greatly improved the building’s appearance.
·         The slope and drainage by URN was changed to eliminate a problem of standing water. Additionally, Kristi assisted the students at URN in preparing the area for new landscaping.
·         The area behind six garages was cleaned and renovated so the area can be used for storage.

A colleague of Kristi’s notes that she practices teamwork on a daily basis.  She is committed to her staff and takes the time to listen to them.  She works side by side with her staff, has a positive attitude, is respectful, and always helps out when needed.  Kristi takes pride in her job and the University.  She is constantly seeking ways to improve the appearance of campus and to support her team.