Dr. Marilyn Hadley

The University of Nebraska at Kearney College of Education is celebratiang 100 years of preparing educators for the state of Nebraska and 50 years of continuous national accreditation with NCATE today.

“This is a significant year in the history of professional education at UNK, as it represents 100 years of preparing educators to work in schools and communities throughout Nebraska,” said Dr. Marilyn Hadley, dean of the College of Education. “We are proud to have been among a select group of more than 200 institutions that were accredited by NCATE in 1954 when the organization was formed.  Today, more than 500 of the 1,300 institutions of higher education are accredited by NCATE.

“As we celebrate a century of preparing professional educators, UNK faculty members in partnership with our colleagues in schools to provide quality preparation programs for our students,” she said. “Through our collective efforts, UNK professional education programs have continued to be accredited by NCATE for 50 years.”

Keynote speaker Dr. Nicholas Mitchelli will kick off the celebration at 3:30 p.m. in Copeland Hall Room 142, followed by an awards presentation. Partner schools will be recognized, thanked and presented with plaques, along with the 15 UNK academic departments that support and sponsor degree programs for educators. At the conclusion of the ceremonies, there will be a social beginning at 5 p.m. at the Ockinga Seminar Center.

Dr. Mitchelli, professor and dean emeritus of Montclair State University, is Presidential Professor in the University’s Ph.D. program in Urban Education University, dean for Teacher Education for the City University of New York, and author and co-author of many works discussing various aspects of teacher education. Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Mitchelli was the recipient of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education’s Edward C. Pomeroy Award for his contributions to teacher education. His most recent works include his role as series editor and author for the new McGraw Hill Teacher Education Series, a cohesive sequence of 40 textbooks for new teachers with a focus on democracy, social justice and critical thinking.

Partner schools receiving plaques, listed alphabetically by hometown, include:
         Amherst- Amherst Public, Superintendent Ted Classen, Principal Roger Thomsen
     Axtell- Axtell Elementary, Principal and Superintendent Thomas Sandberg
Axtell High, Principal Douglas Hinze
     Elm Creek- Elm Creek Elementary, Principal and Superintendent Larry Babcock
Elm Creek High, Principal Gary Brouillette
Gibbon- Gibbon Elementary, Principal Debra Turner
Gibbon High, Principal Julie Schnitzler
Superintendent Larry Witt
     Grand Island- Jefferson Elementary School, Principal Mike Nichols
Walnut Middle School, Princiipal Vicki Deuel
Grand Island Senior High, Principal Kent Mann
Superintendent Stephen Joel
     Holdrege- Franklin Elementary, Washington Elementary, Principal Lynn Friesen
Holdrege Middle School, Principal Russel Baker
Holdrege High School, Principal Richard Meyer
Superintendent Gary Fritch
Kearney- Bryant Elementary, Principal Nancy Brosamle
Central Elementary, Principal Roger Nyffeler
Emerson Elementary, Principal David Townsend
Glenwood Elementary, Principal Charolette Casson
Kenwood Elementary, Principal Pat Zeimet
Meadowlark Elementary, Principal Tom Camp
Northeast Elementary, Principal Melissa Wheelock
Park Elementary, Principal Katie Mathews
Windy Hills Elementary, Principal Jerry Gloystein
Zion Luther Elementary, Principal Jim Knoepfel
Horizon Middle School, Principal Kipp Petersen
Sunrise Middle School, Principal Lance Fuller
Kearney Catholic High School, Principal Terry Torson
Kearney High, Principal Dr. Bill Kenagy
Superintendent Dr. Ken Anderson
     Lexington- Bryan Elementary, Principal Drew Welch
Morton Elementary, Principal Barry McFarland
Pershing Elementary, Principal Jerry Bergstrom
Sandoz Elementary, Principal Fred Evans
Lexington Middle School, Principal Dean Tickle
Lexington High, Principal David Gordon
Superintendent Richard Eisenhauer
     Minden- East Elementary, Principal Mary Lieske
CL Jones Middle School, Principal John Osgood
Minden High, Principal Steve Sampy
Superintendent Scott Maline
     Pleasanton- Pleasanton Public, Principal and Superintendent Ronald Wymore
     Ravenna- Ravenna Elementary, Principal Debora Lee
Ravenna Senior High, Principal Devon Huebert
Superintendent Dwaine Uttecht
     Shelton- Shelton Elementary, Principal Jill Clevenger
Shelton High, Principal Gale Dunkhas
Superintendent Earnest Hall

Wilcox- Wilcox-Hildreth Middle School, Principal and Superintendent Roger Boyer

Wilcox-Hildreth High, Principal Victor Young

UNK department chairs will be accepting plaques on behalf of the following departments:
Art- Mark Hartman

Biology-  Dr. John Hertner
Business/Economics- Dr. Deborah Bridges
Chemistry- Dr. Chris Extrom
Communication Disorders- Dr. Kenya Taylor

         Counseling School Psychology- Dr. Marlene Kuskie, Max McFarland
         Educational Administration- Dr. Pat Hoehner
         English- Dr. Barb Emrys

Geography/Earth Science- Stan Dart

Health, PE, Recreation and Leisure Studies- Dr. Paul Bishop

         History/Social Science- Dr. Carol Lilly

Mathematics- Dr. Lutfi Lutfiyya
Modern Languages- Dr. Herbert Craig
Music- Dr. Valerie Cisler
Physics/Physical Science- Dr. Jose Mena-Werth
Political Science- Dr. Peter Longo
Psychology- Dr. Richard Miller
Sociology- Dr. Jess Enns
Speech Communication/Theatre- Dr. George Lawson

         Teacher Education- Dr. Dennis Potoff, Dr. Glenn Tracy