Karri Thunker
Mortar Board President, 308.627.3597

Approximately 50 University of Nebraska at Kearney students participated in the first Leadership Take-Out Workshop Series sponsored by the UNK Division of Student Life.

Nine UNK students completed the workshop series to receive Leadership Certification. Dr. Lois Flagstad, Dean of Students, presented the certificates and delivered the keynote address. Cami Wacker, associate director for student development and retention, assisted Dr. Flagstad.

“These women have voluntarily invested in themselves and the organizations they are involved with by being a part of the first Leadership Take-out group,” Wacker said. “I am proud of the women who earned their Leadership Certification and believe they will prove to be outstanding campus leaders as they continue their journey at UNK and beyond.”

The leadership training series featured speakers from the campus and community who addressed topics including team-building, building school spirit, program planning and implementation, organizational time management, managing internal and external communication, maintaining motivation, increasing diversity in organizations and executive boards.

“UNK is dedicated to strengthening our leadership development programs for students and will be offering many new programs for students over the course of the next year,” Wacker said.

Students receiving Leadership Certification, listed alphabetically by hometown, include:

Aurora     Elizabeth Obermeier
Fremont     Courtney Bradrick
Hastings     Jennifer Karr
Lexington     Karime Rios
Lincoln     Rachel Dinsdale
Omaha     Kristin Nielson
O’Neill     Jamie Bubutzke
Pickrell     Kylie Busboom

Albania     Anjeza Pashaj