Annual “Celebrating Excellence” Luncheon to be Held

John Lakey
vice chancellor for Business & Finance, (w) 308.865.8205

The annual Celebrating Excellence luncheon at the University of Nebraska at Kearney will take place April 17 in the Great Room (Ponderosa) in the Nebraskan Student Union. The luncheon will begin at 12:30 p.m. and will honor 13 university retirees and will also honor staff and faculty for their years of service to UNK.

Tickets for the luncheon are $7.25 and can be purchased at the cashier window of the Finance Office in Founders Hall through April 11.

Retirees from 2002-2003 academic year and their respective departments are:

Richard Bringelson, college park
Dennis Choplin, facilities/HVAC
Bari McCormick, intramurals
Theresa Fraley, financial aid
Beverly Curry, family studies & interior design
Christine Boeckl, art & art history
Kathryn Falconer, communications disorders
Clinton Ludeman, teacher education
R. David Clark, chemistry
Robert Lind, geography & earth science
Gladys Styles Johnston, management/marketing
Dora Meyer, international education

Service awards will be given to the following employees:

35 Years
M. Stanley Dart, geography & earth science
John Dinsmore, art & art history
Jack Garrison, theatre
Marion Grandone, English
James May, art & art history
James Rundstrom, alumni association
David Webster, special team/facilities
30 Years
Glennis Nagel, division of continuing education
Riley Oestreicher, interior area team/facilities
Rodney Oestreicher, interior area team/facilities
Fidelia Ray, student records
25 Years
Richard Ashman, industrial technology
Janet Beerbohm, finance office
Diana Keith, library
Colleen Lewis, library
William Wozniak, psychology
20 Years
Abdoulelahe Alavi-Behbahani, computer science & information systems
Michael Benzel, English
Sonja Darveau, finance office
Bruce Elder, accounting/finance
Jenny Holen, Student Life
Richard Hunt, residential & Greek life
Darlene Jatczak, residential & Greek life
Tom Kropp, health, physical education & recreation
Darla Morris, Nebraska safety center
Kay Payne, center for rural research development
Donna Posusta, human resources
Robert Rycek, psychology
Gary Schaaf, music & performing arts
15 Years
Gregory Anderson, library
Mark Brosamle, health, physical education & recreation
Linda Clark, business & technology
James Gilbert, criminal justice
Stephen Glazier, sociology
Eva Green, intercollegiate athletics
Duane Hess, information technology services
Nancy Kneen, career services
Ron Konecny, management/marketing
George Lawson, communication
Peter Longo, political science
Phyllis Markussen, family studies & interior design
Janet Mitchell, budget office
Donald Morgan, accounting/finance
Sheila Scott, university public safety
Samuel Umland, English
Janet Wilke, library
Glenda Wilson, library
10 Years
John Anderson, political science
Elona Baxter, chemistry
Ruth Brown, communication
Marcia Burman, fine arts & humanities
Joseph Carlson, Jr., criminal justice
Tim Danube, student center/union
Dee Ellingson, psychology
James Fleming, counseling & school psychology
Marcia Gugelman, student center/union
Michael Herbison, library
Nanette Hogg, communication
Gladys Styles Johnston, management/marketing
Martha Kruse, English
Debby Maire, art & art history
Maureen Miller, admissions
Billy Rayburn, sponsored programs
John Rinaker, west zone/facilities
Patricia Rivera, interior area team/facilities
Richard Schuessler, art & art history
Srivatsa Seshadri, management/marketing
Stephen Slominski, business services
Janet Steele, biology
Betty Teter, mathematics & statistics
Gail Zeller, center for academic success