UNK Students attend Entomological Society Meetings

Dr. W. Wyatt Hoback
UNK Department of Biology, 308.865.8602

Four graduate students of the University of Nebraska at Kearney attended the North Central Branch of the Entomological Society meetings from March 23-26 in Madison, Wisconsin. More than 200 students and faculty from institutions in eight states presented.

The students competed in Linnaean Games, a quiz-bowl style game about insect trivia, and gave presentations in the student competitions. Of 28 students who competed in the Masters Competition, Ben Zechmann of Elm Creek received second place in oral presentations and John Riggins ofKearney won first place in poster presentations. Drs. Wyatt Hoback and Kerri Skinner of the department of biology gave a poster presentation entitled “Educating the public about exotic species through an interactive website.” The student presentations are listed below.

*Terry Haverkost Bellevue The effect of egg age on the infectivity of Moniliformis moniliformisto the intermediate host, Periplaneta americana
*John Riggins Kearney Soil invertebrates as bioindicators of the effectiveness of wet meadow restoration
*Dr.Hoback UNK
Craig Davis Omaha
*Ben Zechmann ElmCreek A test of trapping methods for Strigoderma arbicola to establish phenology
*Dr. Hoback UNK
Jesse Ziems Ewing
*Matt Brust MenomoneeFalls, WI The Wisconsin distribution of the tiger beetle Cicindela patruela 
relates to glacial features
Harrold Willis Kearney
*Asterisk denotes those who attended the competition.