Dani Lively

The Greek community of the University of Nebraska at Kearney would like to team up with some International students and foster new relationships. The Greek community along with the help of the UNK English Language Institute (ELI) would like to start two new programs bringing together the two groups of students. ELI is an English immersion program for international students wanting to improve their proficiency with English. One proposed program, called The Conversation Table, hosts a box filled with questions that are then drawn out and discussed between the two groups in an informal conversation-based setting. The program is planned to meet two times a week and discuss topics including items such as culture, values, holidays, professions, and language from their respective countries. The other program is called the Conversation Partners program, which pairs a Greek member with an international student who then meet every week to develop a more personal friendship. The Greek community will be working together with ELI to find volunteers for the programs.

Both programs hope to improve communication skills, share different perspectives and form new friendships. Linda Martin, an instructor with ELI said, “The UNK Greek community has been very persistent in wanting to create a connection between the international students and themselves. Their efforts will not only build relationships on campus but potentially create lasting memories that will help build stronger bridges between the U.S. and other nations.” Albert Duckworth, Interfraternity Council Community Service Director, had to add, “I think both of these programs will be very beneficial for both international and Greek students. They will get opportunities to learn and connect as individuals and as a group.”