Child Kinship Caregiving: Welfare of Families, Relationships Drives Toni Hill


By TODD GOTTULA Director of Communications Not all families look a certain way. It is something you learn after so many years of working with children in foster care and social services. “Many families are separated and divided,” Toni Hill says. “Some are broken, and some are not. But they all look different.” Currently, Hill is an assistant professor in the Department of Family Studies at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Forever, she’ll be an advocate for children and … [Read more...]

KATHRYN ZUCKWEILER – Processing Process


By Carol Bryant Kathryn Zuckweiler knows operations management, whether she’s teaching graduate students about the topic or writing journal articles. She applies her knowledge about operations management to topics ranging from optimum class size in web courses to hospital project implementation. “The principles that underlie everything I do are processes. I’ve looked at process improvement. I view most things as a process,” she said. Each process is broken down into steps, and the steps … [Read more...]

NATHAN BUCKNER – Piano Sculptor


BY KELLY BARTLING Nathan Buckner’s repertoire list numbers 400. That’s the number of pieces he’s mastered for piano solos, piano duets, piano and strings and woodwinds, orchestra and contemporary music. His number of professional concert appearances: 300. That’s a lot of practicing and performing for this child-violinist-turned-pianist who has become one of Kearney and Nebraska’s premier musicians in series and solo performances such as Concerts on the Platte, piano concertos and chamber … [Read more...]

HEATHER SCHULZ – Role of a Lifetime

Schulz surveyed 300 people and interviewed 20, asking questions about what clothing brands they would choose for different social situations, such as a night out on the town. Each interview was at a subject’s home, where Schulz would ask her subject to put together outfits. She took photos of the outfits and notes on the brands chosen, including how prominently the brand name or logo was displayed.

By Jan Treffer Thompson A young professor of marketing sits center stage at a desktop that’s full, but organized. She’s dressed simply, in a white shirt and black pants with classic lines. The office has the stark feel of a place someone is still moving into, with few personal mementos. She may be at the beginning of her career, but this woman’s  a professional who’s all business. At least, Heather Schulz’s research suggests, that’s the role she’s writing for herself. Schulz, an … [Read more...]

DENNIS POTTHOFF – Teaching Democracy

Dennis Potthoff is director of the American Democracy Project at UNK, which promotes student engagement with current issues. He led his college through two major initiatives to assess and improve its programs.

By JAN TREFFER THOMPSON Every teacher knows a student like him. The one in the back row. The one who doesn’t talk much, and mumbles when he does. The one who slides down in his chair, trying to make himself invisible. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember much about those kids. But as a new teacher for Lincoln Public Schools in the early 1980s, Dennis Potthoff met one he’ll never forget. This boy, a seventh-grader Potthoff calls “Tony,” posed a question that he has been answering ever … [Read more...]