Muscular Architecture: Akehi studies neuromuscular changes in college athletes


By Sara Giboney, UNK Communications Growing up in Asahikawa, Japan, Kazuma Akehi spent summers playing basketball, soccer and baseball and winters skiing and snowboarding. He was always moving his body. “Obviously we didn’t have smartphones when I was growing up, so outside was our playground,” he said. “I loved running around and chasing the ball with my friends. I simply loved to move. I wanted to be moving all of the time.” His love for physical activity eventually led him to his … [Read more...]

Embracing Scholarship: Hodge adapts, learns to love case study research


By KIM HACHIYA, UNK Communications Consider this situation: You are the boss of a highly educated, dedicated professional who is good at her job, and in whom you have invested time and resources. But a recent culture shift in your organization has upset her apple cart in ways that make it hard for her to succeed like she once did. She was a happy, early-career professor who worked to earn her master’s and doctoral degrees to teach principles of management, business ethics, business … [Read more...]

Superheroes Collide: Palmer examines comic book industry from business perspective


By SARA GIBONEY UNK Communications Seventy-two long cardboard storage boxes contain the fantastical narratives of superheroes, spies and other fictional characters. David Palmer’s collection of comic books has grown to 20,000 in the 50 years that he’s been reading and collecting. Palmer’s love for comic books began as a child. He remembers being captivated by Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and the Wasp as he read the Avengers in the early 1960s. “Comic books are fun and full of … [Read more...]

Attitudes, Knowledge, Skills: Chasek uses three-pronged approach for training addiction counselors

Chasek Alcohol

BY JAN TREFFER THOMPSON Alcoholics may choose to take a first drink, but they can’t simply choose which drink will be their last. Addictions wield incredible power, Dr. Christine Chasek said. She trains counseling students to respect that power, and respect addicts for battling it. Chasek learned that lesson decades ago while interning at a Kearney halfway house. “There was a client there and he was a big, burly motorcycle-type guy. Big scruffy beard, heavyset and really tall. … He lost … [Read more...]

Arthurian Legend: Umland maintains interest in world of medieval romance

Rebecca Umland 3

By KIM HACHIYA Rebecca Umland remembers the kernel of the idea for her research and teaching interest in the quester hero figure. She and her husband were attending one of the final screenings of the 1999 David Lynch film “The Straight Story” at a Kearney theater. The film is based on the true story of an elderly man who drove his lawn mower tractor 240 miles from Iowa to Wisconsin in 1994 to reconcile with his dying brother, from whom he was long estranged. The film offers deep reflection … [Read more...]