Intrinsic Motivation: Sherry Crow Telling the Story of Lifelong Learners

Crow Rotator

By JAN TREFFER THOMPSON Questions start as soon as they enter the room – everything from “how high is the moon?” to “How many kinds of bugs are there?” Some may walk shyly, while others run, but all are eager to find the treasure they know is on those shelves. Kindergartners introduced to the school library see a place of wonder and unlimited possibilities. They can’t wait to open the books, watch the videos, turn on the computers, and ask the librarian to help them unlock all that … [Read more...]

Plants to Fuel: Paul Twigg in Race to Find Next Big Biofuels Discovery

Paul Twigg 1 copy

By KELLY BARTLING Paul Twigg’s spring garden is a thing of beauty: Beautiful black dirt is powdery yet flat and even, awaiting his pointy hoe – perfectly straight rows carved at a uniform depth. While his neighbors look on – fat cows sloshing in the mud from the pasture across the fence, Twigg dribbles little handfuls of fertilizer, then, small handfuls of seeds, bending from the waist with long arms carrying precious bits into the rows beneath him. Kohlrabi, carrots, mesclun align near … [Read more...]

Child Kinship Caregiving: Welfare of Families, Relationships Drives Toni Hill


By TODD GOTTULA Director of Communications Not all families look a certain way. It is something you learn after so many years of working with children in foster care and social services. “Many families are separated and divided,” Toni Hill says. “Some are broken, and some are not. But they all look different.” Currently, Hill is an assistant professor in the Department of Family Studies at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Forever, she’ll be an advocate for children and … [Read more...]

KATHRYN ZUCKWEILER – Processing Process


By Carol Bryant Kathryn Zuckweiler knows operations management, whether she’s teaching graduate students about the topic or writing journal articles. She applies her knowledge about operations management to topics ranging from optimum class size in web courses to hospital project implementation. “The principles that underlie everything I do are processes. I’ve looked at process improvement. I view most things as a process,” she said. Each process is broken down into steps, and the steps … [Read more...]

NATHAN BUCKNER – Piano Sculptor


BY KELLY BARTLING Nathan Buckner’s repertoire list numbers 400. That’s the number of pieces he’s mastered for piano solos, piano duets, piano and strings and woodwinds, orchestra and contemporary music. His number of professional concert appearances: 300. That’s a lot of practicing and performing for this child-violinist-turned-pianist who has become one of Kearney and Nebraska’s premier musicians in series and solo performances such as Concerts on the Platte, piano concertos and chamber … [Read more...]