Master’s Motivation: Tanya Woodward marries topics of writing, teaching and literature

Woodward is the winner of the 2022 Most Outstanding Thesis for Humanities/Fine Arts.

Mindfulness in Motion: Shannon Mulhearn dedicated to surfing the waves, shaping physical education

“I've tried to take challenges throughout my life and turn them into positives."

Transcending Boundaries: Hui Liew uses multidisciplinary research to address social issues

She studies a lot of topics, from visual and cognitive performance to HIV and housing insecurity…

International award given to UNK’s Judy Henning for study on high schoolers’ reading habits

Henning's research focused on understanding the reading habits of high school juniors who were intrinsically motivated…

‘I truly consider myself a Loper for life’: Dayton Sealey makes the most of his time at UNK

“It’s just done a lot for me. I wouldn’t be who I am without UNK.”

Quantum Leap: Kearney High science teacher collaborates with UNK research team

The partnership was part of the Research Experiences for Teachers program.