UNK professor Amber Alexander discussing civilian response to state’s World War II airfields

WHAT: Brown Bag Lecture Series

HOSTED BY: UNK Department of History

TITLE: “Neighbors in Conflict: Civilian Participation through Nebraska’s World War II Army Airfields”

Amber Alexander
Amber Alexander

TOPIC: During World War II, the construction and operation of Army airfields in Nebraska profoundly impacted nearby communities, introducing new challenges and opportunities for civilians. This presentation investigates the variety of civilian responses to the presence of the airfields, including support, protest and active participation. Amidst the complexities brought forth by these installations, Nebraskans adapted and persevered. They made the best of the situation and contributed to the broader war effort.

PRESENTER: Amber Alexander is an assistant professor in the UNK Department of History, where she works with students enrolled in the history and social science teacher education programs. A Kearney native, she holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history and a master’s degree in instructional technology from UNK. She earned her doctorate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Alexander also holds a teaching certificate in 7-12 social sciences. She specializes in history education, online education, the World War II home front, history of American education, Nebraska history and narrative inquiry methodology.

TIME: Noon

DATE: Wednesday, June 12

PLACE: Kearney Public Library, 2020 First Ave.

VIDEO: Available on the Kearney Public Library YouTube channel

CONTACT: Nathan Tye, assistant history professor, 308.865.8860, tyen@unk.edu