UNK Online Bookstore launches next week: Here’s everything students need to know

KEARNEY – Instead of buying textbooks from an on-campus store, University of Nebraska at Kearney students will now use an online site that saves them time and money.

The new UNK Online Bookstore – unk.textbookx.com – is launching July 5, giving Lopers expanded access to affordable textbooks and course materials.

A partnership with textbook provider Akademos, the online bookstore offers both physical and digital textbooks, with new, used and rental options. The website also features a marketplace where students can buy and sell books at discounted prices. This tool allows them to view prices from Akademos, Amazon, Chegg and other third-party vendors before making a purchase.

Purchases can be shipped to campus or a student’s home address. Students will use their MyBlue username and password to log in to the website.

Other benefits of the online bookstore include:

  • A personalized course page that automatically links to a student’s class schedule, allowing them to see the textbooks and course materials they’ll need that semester.
  • A price-match guarantee on all new books.
  • Free economy shipping to campus for all orders, excluding marketplace purchases.
  • Free economy shipping for all orders over $49, excluding marketplace purchases.

Students can also charge textbooks and course materials to their MyBlue account through the UNK Online Bookstore, with up to $500 in charges allowed for the fall 2022 semester. The charge program is available July 5 through 10:59 p.m. Aug. 26.

Keep in mind:

Students can use their financial aid offer toward book charges. Assuming they don’t have any holds on MyBlue, financial aid will apply to a student’s account balance 10 days before their first fall 2022 class begins. For most students, this date will be Aug. 12. If they charge books to their student account prior to this date, accepted financial aid offers will help cover those expenses. Know that financial aid offers will apply to tuition, fees and room and board first, so enough aid must be available to cover book charges.

Book charges can be paid for using the Loper Payment Plan. Students must pay their bill by the due date, including any textbook charges on their MyBlue account. However, they can register for the Loper Payment Plan through MyBlue if an outstanding balance of $300 or more remains for the semester. The Loper Payment Plan splits a semester balance into three separate payments over the term. It costs $20 to enroll.

Expenses above the $500 balance limit must be paid during checkout. For example, if a student’s book charges are $550, they will be required to pay $50 during checkout.

For more information on the UNK Online Bookstore, call 308-865-8555 or email bookstore@unk.edu.


The Antelope Bookstore on campus is currently closed as that location transitions from Barnes & Noble to UNK’s own apparel and merchandise store, which will be known as the Loper Spirit Shop.

Located inside the Nebraskan Student Union, the Loper Spirit Shop will open later this summer, before new students begin arriving for the fall semester. It will offer a greater selection of UNK apparel and merchandise at lower prices while better serving the campus and community. Classroom supplies will be available there, too.

Although students will no longer buy textbooks directly from the on-campus store, management will be available to provide assistance with these purchases.

More details on the Loper Spirit Shop will be announced later this summer.