Coronavirus FAQ for Staff: Assisting students with COVID-19

What do I do if a student emails me and says they have COVID-19 symptoms?

  • Instruct the student to contact the Public Health Center (PHC): 308-865-8279.
  • Advise the student not to return to class until given instructions by the PHC.
  • Encourage the student to communicate with all their professors regarding absences.

What do I do if a student informs me that they have tested positive for COVID-19?

  • Instruct the student to contact the Public Health Center immediately: 308-865-8279 or
  • Inform the student that they will not be able to return to class without a clearance form from Student Health. The clearance form must be in the possession of the faculty/staff prior to returning.
  • Staff should contact the Public Health Center with any questions.

What if I am asked the name of the student who tested positive?

  • Disclosing a student’s name is a HIPAA violation, therefore you are not permitted to announce the student’s name. If a student is concerned that they were exposed, direct them to the Public Health Center.

What should I do if I develop symptoms after being near a student who tests positive?

Can I get tested at the Public Health Center on Campus and is there a charge?

What if a student tells me they tested positive for Coronavirus and needs accommodations?  

  • Refer the student to Disability Services to register for temporary accommodations: 308-865-8214,
  • Disability Services will send a letter to notify staff of approved accommodations.

What if a student refuses to wear a mask?

  • Remind the student of the COVID campus policy about wearing a mask. If a student continues to refuse, you can ask them to leave the building. If this matter persists, refer the student to the CARE Team.

What leave options exist if the PHC recommends I stay home, and remote work is not an option?