UNK’s Matt Bice discussing aquaponics during Science Café

Matt Bice
Matt Bice

WHAT: University of Nebraska at Kearney Science Café
HOSTED BY: Sigma Xi The Scientific Research Honor Society
TITLE: “Growing Health”
TOPIC: UNK associate professor of exercise science Matt Bice has been working with aquaponics growing systems as a way to promote healthy lifestyles. Aquaponics are self-sufficient and have the ability to nurture and grow fish and produce year-round. These systems can be used to teach lifelong skills that indirectly promote health, and his research has examined how growing systems can be used inside classrooms in conjunction with science and health topics.
PRESENTER: Bice’s background includes kinesiology and public health education, with specific training in program evaluation, physical activity behaviors, ethnographic and survey research and data analysis. He has considerable experience working with partners with various educational and professional backgrounds, including academia, public health departments, primary and secondary schools and nonprofit organizations. Additionally, he has extensive experience conducting quantitative studies in both laboratory and natural environments. Bice, who also serves as associate dean of graduate studies, joined the UNK faculty in 2013.
TIME: 5:30 p.m.
DATE: Monday, April 22
PLACE: The Loft, Cunningham’s Journal, 15 W. 23rd St., Kearney
CONTACT: Allen Thomas, UNK assistant professor of chemistry, 308.865.8452, thomasaa@unk.edu