UNK flood response, communication coordinated

UNK is working with the other campuses on a coordinated approach and response to serving Nebraskans – including its students, faculty and staff – in flood recovery. Communication and coordination of resources at UNK will be led by emergency management coordinator Ted Eichholz and updates and information posted to a new website.

On March 29 University of Nebraska President Hank Bounds announced the plan for coordinated, long-term flood response efforts and the appointment of Chuck Hibberd, dean and director of Nebraska Extension, to lead the campus efforts. Bounds framed the state’s recovery as a “marathon, not a sprint.”

“The University of Nebraska has an opportunity to develop a thoughtful, coordinated, system-wide effort to support our students, affected colleagues and fellow citizens,” Bounds said. “We’re going to be engaged however we can, for as long as Nebraskans need.”

Under the leadership of the university-wide team of chief academic officers, each campus is working to provide support for students whose families, homes, communities or financial situation has been impacted, Bounds said. Campuses are making flexible coursework, admissions and enrollment options available for incoming and current students who have been affected, including:

  • Waiving the $45 admission application fee for new applicants.
  • Affected students who are admitted for fall 2019 can choose to defer their admission and scholarship offers until spring 2020.
  • Campuses that require an enrollment deposit for admission will extend the deadline for students planning to start in summer or fall 2019. Affected students may choose to request an enrollment deposit deferral.
  • Instructors have been encouraged to offer flexibility in class assignments and attendance where appropriate.
  • University housing teams will assist students in need of emergency housing.

Bounds’ announcement included outlining UNMC efforts on health and well-being, including supporting statewide mental health needs; work by the Nebraska Business Development Center to help impacted businesses; work by students in the College of Law on helping Nebraskans with FEMA and insurance forms and other benefits; aiding in coordinating volunteer activities; Nebraska Extension workshops, resources and advice for farmers/ranchers, families and businesses; and the Foundation’s announcement of an Emergency Assistance Fund to support students and employees facing financial hardship from natural disasters or other crises.

The new website: http://www.unk.edu/offices/police/flood-emergency-2019.php, will serve as the information hub for UNK updates and projects.

Anyone with interest in leading service or volunteer efforts is asked to contact Eichholz at eichholzth@unk.edu, or 308-865-8911.