New Rent & Ride bike rental replacing Zagster beginning Jan. 1; Semester cost is $25

KEARNEY – Students, faculty and staff soon can rent bicycles through a new “Rent & Ride” program UNK is launching to replace the current Zagster system.

For per semester, users will have access to their own bikes for use on campus and in the community.

It’s simple – contact the campus rec office at Wellness Room 120, or go online to and apply for your very own bike to use during each semester

Will Zagster continue to provide a bike share program at UNK during the Spring Semester?
No, but the good news is that UNK is launching the “Rent & Ride” program in January 2018.

Will UNK’s Rent & Ride program be similar to Zagster?
No, instead of sharing bikes on campus, students, faculty and staff will be able to rent their own individual bike for a semester or academic year through UNK’s Rent & Ride program. The bikes will be more durable and reliable with no complicated locking devices or key pads.

How do I reserve a Loper bike?
The first step to renting a bike is to fill out a bike request form and a user agreement. Once submitted and payment is received, a staff member from Campus Recreation will reach out to you to arrange a time to pick up your bike.

Where can I get a Loper bike?
You can pick up your bike at the Wellness Center. Contact 308-865-1732 to arrange your time. At pick up, a Campus Recreation staff member will review the rental agreement as well as the features of the bike.

What is the cost of a Rent & Ride Loper Bike?
The cost will be $25 per semester (fall or spring) and $50 for an academic year rental. However, an additional $10 fee is available for a summer semester rental. Helmets are available, and the rental cost is $5 a semester. Bike locks are included in the fee. Riders will be given a key for their locks.

Maintaining my bike/ What do I do if my bike breaks down?
If you suspect something might be wrong with your bike please contact the campus recreation office. We can arrange a time to have your bike evaluated. Any service which is normal maintenance will be at no cost to the user. Any service that is beyond normal maintenance or is believed to be caused by wrongful doing will be charged to the user.

Where can I learn more about the Rent-and-Ride program?
More information can be found on the Campus Recreation web page

Who is eligible to join the Rent-and-Ride program?
Any current UNK student or faculty/staff is eligible.

Do you have to live on campus to rent a Loper bike?
No, riders may commute with the bikes if they would like and keep the bikes locked securely at their place of residence. However, bikes should be locked in a secure location as the rider is responsible for the whereabouts of their rented bike.

Where can I park my bike on campus?
Riders will be able to use existing bike racks across campus.


Request and Rental Forms

Loper Bike Request Form

Campus Equipment Agreement