DNA Day presenter Warren focuses on Fragile-X Syndrome; April 27 presentation

Steven Warren
Steven Warren

WHAT: Doug Lund DNA Day

TOPIC: “The Dynamic Dyad: Effects of Parenting on the Development of Children With Fragile-X Syndrome”

PRESENTER: Steven F. Warren, University Distinguished Professor, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, University of Kansas

ABOUT FRAGILE-X SYNDROME: Fragile X Syndrome is a complex inherited gene disorder. It is the most common genetic cause of autism and other intellectual disabilities. The genetic mechanism that causes FXS is well understood and has been “cured” in animal models. However, it is also subject to a range of environmental influences. In this respect, few variables match the long-term impact of parenting on human development and behavior. Recent discoveries underscore the fact that FXS is not just the product of innate biological processes, but is attributable to the dynamic, cumulative interaction of biology, behavior and environment over time.

HOSTED BY: Nebraska IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence Program, UNK Department of Biology, UNK Chapter of Sigma Xi – The Scientific Research Society, UNK Foundation

TIME: 6:30 p.m.

DATE: Thursday, April 27

PLACE: Copeland Hall, Room 142

TICKETS: Free and open to the public

ABOUT DOUG LUND: DNA Day was established at UNK in 2013. The annual event takes place in honor of Doug Lund, a UNK professor of biology for over 37 years. He encouraged scientific inquiry and love for biology in all his students. Now retired, Lund continues to participate in the molecular biology seminar every Friday. His love for science and his students’ success was the driving force in naming DNA Day in his honor.

CONTACT: Surabhi Chandrak, Dept. of Biology, 308.865.8695, chandras2@unk.edu