MY LOPER LIFE: Danielson holds No. 8 close to heart, sees life differently

‘’My freshman year of college, one day I woke up to the news that my best friend, JJ, had committed suicide. Nobody truly knows why, and that is probably the hardest thing to accept. I was in depression for quite some time and even had thoughts of taking my own life. Something people should know: IT GETS BETTER.

“When you’re depressed, you don’t truly see the joy and blessings around you. Your mind tricks you into thinking you’re never going to get past it, but YOU DO. The biggest impact it made on me is that I see life in a different way. I can relate to people who truly are depressed and struggle with negative things happening in their lives. Depression is real. Yet our society often overlooks it.

“JJ wore jersey No. 8 in high school. So now I wear a No. 8 necklace every day – To class, practice, to sleep, everywhere. Before games, when I have to take it off, I tap it and point to the sky for remembrance and guidance.”

– Ty Danielson | Junior | Health & P.E. K-12 | UNK Basketball | York, Neb.

For students dealing with depression or interested in learning more about suicide prevention, please visit UNK Student Health & Counseling located inside Memorial Student Affairs Building. To make an appointment or ask a question for counseling call 308-865-8248. The Emergency Crisis Phone after business hours also is 308-865-8248.