Social work students raising hunger awareness through Hunger Banquet

Courtesy Photo/Shutterstock
Courtesy Photo/Shutterstock

WHAT: Hunger Banquet

ABOUT: Approximately 12.2 percent of Buffalo County residents are experiencing food insecurity today. Phi Alpha Social Work Honor Society is hosting a Hunger Banquet to raise awareness and address hunger in area communities. Participants draw tickets, and the places where they sit and meals they eat are determined by the “economic status” they are assigned through their tickets.

DONATIONS: Event is free to attend. Those attending are asked to make a donation or bring canned items to donate to the Jubilee Center, which provides food and other assistance for those in need.

HOSTED BY: Social Work Phi Alpha Honor Society and Social Work 443 class

TIME: 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

DATE: Thursday, April 6

PLACE: Nebraskan Student Union, Ponderosa Room

OTHER: Lunch is included.

REGISTRATION: All attendees are required to register at:

CONTACT: Tara Huber, Phi Alpha Honor Society,


Writer: Todd Gottula, Director of Communications, 308.865.8454,
Source: Ben Malczyk, Assistant Professor Social Work, 308.865.8477,
Source: Tara Huber, Phi Alpha Honor Society,