May 1 deadline for Loper license plates; New online payment

KEARNEY – Some 100 fans, alumni, students, faculty and staff of University of Nebraska at Kearney have put in applications for specially designed Loper license plates, and to prompt others to act soon, a May 1 action date is being implemented. New online credit-card payments are also being accepted.

The university began on Sept. 1 an effort to gather 250 signups for a UNK/Loper specialty plate. In six months, 100 have applied for the plates.

There is a minimum order of 250 required by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles for production of the plate, so fans need to apply with their vehicle information, pay the fee and as a group obtain the minimum number before the plate enters production. The process now is also more digital friendly on the UNK website, with a credit-card payment option. Previously checks were the only method of payment accepted.

License Plate GraphicA website to download the registration form and make online credit payment is at

“We receive questions frequently about the status of the 250, with many people saying they are waiting,” said Kelly Bartling, assistant vice chancellor for Communications and Community Relations. “For those who put their applications in in September, we’d like to get these moving into production soon because that’s a long time for them to wait. We hope the availability now of credit-card payments and the May 1 signup deadline will create the right combination of convenience and urgency to move these into production. There is still a lot of excitement.”

Bartling said that over the past few years the university has had numerous requests for UNK plates, and a previous attempt in 2012 ended unsuccessfully when the minimum was 500 orders. She said if the drive is unsuccessful at the May deadline, that will be the end of the license plate attempts.

UNK Communications and Marketing has partnered with Athletics and UNK Alumni to promote the plate signups through social media, in existing publications and at events.

The site has information and “frequently asked questions” at Information is there about registering: completing the registration form and completing an online credit card payment or mailing a check to UNK’s business office in advance of the plate being made available. Questions about the process can go to her, she said, at or by calling 308-865-8455.

More information about organizational license plates is available at


Writer: Todd Gottula, Director of Communications, 308.865.8454,
Source: Kelly Bartling, assistant vice chancellor for Communications and Community Relations, 308.865.8455,