Matt Johnson receives Employee Achievement Award for July

Johnson-Matt_pp-rotatorMatt Johnson, financial aid counselor for the Office of Financial Aid, is recognized by UNK Staff Senate with the Employee Achievement Award for July. Johnson has been employed at UNK since 1998.

The Employee Achievement Award recognizes staff for exemplary service and notable contributions to their department and UNK community, embracing an attitude of teamwork, commitment to excellence, contributing to high staff morale and other notable awards or recognition on and off campus.

Johnson has been recognized with many notable awards and recognition, including: Nebraska Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators Rookie of the Year, 2005-06; NeASFAA Distinguished Service Award, 2008-09 and NeASFAA President’s Leadership Award, 2013-15.

Comments from those who nominated Johnson:

“Matt is always ready to work with, and assist, students in solving problems at hand as well as learning the financial aid process. He knows it is important for students to feel empowered to make their own decisions and wants to give them the knowledge to do so.”

“Matt continually works to update information and make it available to students. His efforts to explain the financial aid process to students in a way that they can absorb it are truly exceptional.”

“Matt is not only working hard to make sure students have the information they need, but he provides and explains new information to his peers as well. If he doesn’t know the answer, he helps find it. He is involved in his church and maintains a lifestyle that is an example to others. He is very involved with his children, who are home-schooled and excel in activities such as 4-H and martial arts. He is a great role model both in and out of the office.”

“Matt is an example of a person who works very hard and expects little to nothing in return. He doesn’t assume that an answer is right, he makes sure that it is. He does the research necessary to provide excellent service to the office, students and entire campus at UNK.”

“Matt is the first person to say “we can fix it” when a mistake is made. He doesn’t overreact, he simply uses it as a learning experience and an opportunity to teach. I personally have really beat myself up over mistakes I have made. Matt has not only helped me correct the errors, but has empowered me to feel comfortable coming to him and others in the office with questions. He has taught me to slow down and ensure that things are right. It is okay to ask questions, even if I feel that I should know the right answer already. He smiles and continues to teach. He gives each person in the office the opportunity to grow and learn something new, which makes us feel valued.”

“I just wanted to give a major shout out to the gentleman who did exit counseling … in the Sisler Room. Fantastic information and fantastically presented. Made me much more confident about the entire process.” – UNK student Jake Uden.”