Becca Dobry receives Employee Achievement Award for September

Becca-Dobry-webBecca Dobry, financial aid counselor for Office of Financial Aid, was recognized by UNK Staff Senate with the Employee Achievement Award for October.

Dobry has been employed at UNK for seven years.

The Employee Achievement Award recognizes staff for exemplary service and notable contributions to their department and UNK community, embracing an attitude of teamwork, commitment to excellence, contributing to high staff morale and other notable awards or recognition on and off campus.

DobryComments from those who nominated Dobry:

“Becca consistently shows the highest level of professionalism in her daily work. When working with students in her role as a financial aid counselor, her approach is holistic. She not only tries to assist students with financial aid issues, but she also talks with them about academic and even social or personal challenges. She has worked diligently at developing a great network of colleagues on campus to whom she can refer students for help.
“When working with students, Becca is a superb listener. Students will leave her office knowing (even if they didn’t receive the answer they were hoping to receive) that they were listened to and helped in the best possible way. Becca provides the best possible service to students, as well as working well with colleagues to achieve optimal results that are efficient and effective.

“Becca has initiated several important activities on our campus. She developed a program to recognize outstanding student workers.  In fact UNK is the only school in the state that has a formal recognition program for outstanding student employees and for the past several years our student employee of the year has gone on to be recognized as the state student employee of the year.
“Additionally this year Becca came up with the idea for the first on-campus student employee job fair. She worked with employers both on and off campus to encourage them to participate and students to encourage attendance. Her goals were modest: 25 businesses and 150 students. The end result was 44 businesses and 225 students attending. The job fair was a success and many employers and students have since asked when the next student employment fair will be held.”

“Becca is very collaborative in her approach both within the Office of Financial Aid and beyond. She seeks feedback and loves to involve her colleagues when facing a challenge or making a difficult decision.”

“Becca is extremely positive and even at the busiest, craziest times makes us all laugh with her wonderful sense of humor. She is an effective communicator who works well with all areas across campus.”

“Becca is passionate about assessment. She has taken the lead in our office in developing assessment tools for programs we develop in the Office of Financial Aid. She always brings to the table ideas and suggestions of ways we can improve service to our students. In the State of Nebraska and in the region, her expertise in student employment and work study is recognized among her peers. She is a go-to person in this area. Becca has consistently teamed up with her colleagues to come up with better solutions to our processes. She is very detail-oriented, which is so important in her position.”

“This year Becca received the Rookie of the Year Award from the Nebraska Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators for her outstanding first contributions to our state organization. She is the rising Chair the Rocky Mountain Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators Communications Committee. She has graduated from the RMASFAA Leadership Pipeline program, a program to develop the leadership skills of young rising financial aid professionals.
“In addition, Becca is very active in various organizations and groups throughout campus. She is always willing to help out when asked and is a great example of someone who comes up with new ideas and makes those ideas shine. Becca is undoubtedly beyond deserving of this award.”


Employee Achievement Award Nomination Form

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