UNK fall enrollment down slightly to 6,747

Cope-FountainKEARNEY – Official enrollment figures released today at University of Nebraska at Kearney reflect a 155-person decrease (2.2 percent) in total students, with a total “head count” of 6,747. This compares to 6,902 in fall 2014.

UNK’s graduate student number is up .7 percent (11 students) in fall 2015 over fall 2014, and part-time undergraduate head count is up 70 students (11.6 percent). Another positive measure for UNK is the increase in full-time transfer students, which are up 8.4 percent (22 students).

These numbers are reported on official “census” day, or the sixth day of class.

Other “trivia” of note in UNK’s enrollment:

  • UNK students come from all 93 Nebraska counties
  • Countries represented: 59 (over 55 from last year)
  • States represented: 47. (UNK has no students coming from West Virginia, Mississippi or Rhode Island)
  • Diversity: One in five (19.8 percent) of UNK students are a person of color – the highest percentage in history
  • 605 students at UNK report their ethnicity as Hispanic – also the highest number in history
  • 34 percent of UNK incoming freshmen were in the top 20 percent of their high school class, and 17.3 percent were in the top 10 percent in their class – up from last year

UNK’s international (technically non-resident alien) students decreased by 13.6 percent (58 students) from fall 2014.


Source: Ed Scantling, associate vice chancellor, Academic Services and Enrollment Management, 308-865-8669, scantlinge@unk.edu



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