Criminal Justice Club recognizes K9 Frank, other police dogs

K9 Presentation 2

The Criminal Justice Club at the University of Nebraska at Kearney presented a plaque to the Kearney Police Department and Buffalo County Sheriff’s Department on Nov. 25 recognizing all of the dogs that have been part of the city/county K9 program since it began in the early 1990s.

The project was inspired by the recent death of Frank, the Kearney Police Department’s K9 handled by Officer Greg Benson. Frank made several trips to UNK for presentations, and following his death UNK students decided to raise money to donate the plaque commemorating his service.

Several police officers and one sheriff’s deputy who participated as handlers of the dogs attended presentations at Kearney City Council and Buffalo County Board of Supervisors meetings.

The plaque will hang at the Law Enforcement Center.

“I thought it was a creative idea and am grateful for the generosity and thoughtfulness of these UNK students towards our police officers and the dogs that served the city in this unique way,” said City Council Member Jonathan Nikkila.


K9 Presentation

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