Seven UNK business students recognized for high Major Field Test scores

KEARNEY – The College of Business and Technology at the University of Nebraska at Kearney has announced seven students who performed above the 90th percentile on the fall 2013 Major Field Test in the business field.

Administered by Educational Testing Service, the test is a comprehensive assessment that measures critical knowledge and understanding by students in a major field of study.

The Major Field Test does more than measure students’ factual knowledge. The test also helps faculty evaluate their ability to analyze and solve problems, understand relationships and interpret material from their major or field of study.

“The Major Field Test is

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a key tool we use to gauge the effectiveness of our business program, both at the undergrad and graduate levels. It’s become so widely used, the MFT score is considered a barometer of student success much like the grade point average,” said Susan Jensen, associate dean of the College of Business and Technology.

Students, by hometown, and their performance percentiles:
Benkelman – Shelby Woods, 91st percentile
Hartington – Jordan Rehnstrom, 97th percentile
Lexington – Bridget Seberger, 95th percentile
Maxwell – Josh Lydic, Maxwell, 90th percentile
McCook – Andrw Broadfoot, 90th percentile
Ogallala – Anthony Alfano, 91st percentile
Austin, Texas – Kirsti Rehler, 93rd percentile

The Educational Testing Service offers comprehensive comparative data for the test. This enables universities to evaluate student performance and compare their program’s effectiveness to programs at similar institutions nationwide.

“We are incredibly proud of our students’ performance. It demonstrates our students have a solid foundation and are well positioned to be competitive in the workplace and make a positive future impact in their organizations and communities,” Jensen said.


Source: Marsha Yeagley, 308.865.8345,
Writer: Todd Gottula, 308.865.8454,

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