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A message from Kelly Bartling, assistant vice chancellor, Communications and Community Relations

Kelly BartlingToday’s edition of our campus e-newsletter “UNK Update” is our ninth. Over the past two months we’ve added subscribers and features to make this faculty/staff/student/community newsletter a “must-read” for everyone who cares about what’s happening at UNK. We hope you are entertained, informed, enlightened and encouraged by what you’re reading in UNK Update – to motivate you to share UNK’s story.

“Sharing our story” is part of our renewed theme here in the News, Communications and Marketing offices. More news, more feature stories, more videos and photos – all shared on multiple channels and media. We know everyone here at UNK has a story to tell: about research, teaching, discovery, passion, adventure, giving, serving. We see our role as gathering those stories, telling them, and sharing them wherever people may be interested in reading or viewing them.

Another new feature in News and Communications is our new, updated “newsroom,” at http://unknews.unk.edu. More than just a place for news media to find our news releases, it’s a virtual newsroom and gathering point for all of these story-telling media. Go to “UNK news” to find breaking news, today’s news stories and archived news, to find content to share on your own websites and social media channels. Notice, in particular, the “share it now” buttons with each story. This is your quick and easy way to share UNK stories on your own social media – increasing the reach of each individual story to your social network.

One other feature on “UNK news” is comments. Commenting is another way to develop conversations about our stories. Ask questions. Congratulate someone. Offer your own perspective and ideas.

We invite you to explore both our new newsroom and our e-newsletter. We welcome your feedback.

In addition to sharing “UNK news” stories on your social channels and using this content on your own UNK websites, will you “forward” the “UNK Update” to people you know who may be interested in receiving it? Students: Your parents may find interest in all the events and activities happening on campus, and enjoy reading about students and faculty here. Would you forward it to them? Faculty and staff: Would someone from your family or a colleague from another university find our UNK Update interesting? They won’t know about what great things we have going on here if they aren’t receiving our news.

Along with Todd Gottula, director of news and internal communications; and Sara Giboney, writing specialist; we want to share our appreciation and thank you for your interest in helping us share our stories. Please email or call any of us with your ideas and questions.

Go Lopers!

Kelly Bartling, assistant vice chancellor, Communications and Community Relations



One thought on “What’s new: UNK Update newsletter and unknews.unk.edu

  1. Kelly-

    sorry I am just getting around to reading some of my older e-mails..I have been wanting to drop you a note to commend you for the great work you and Todd and Sara are doing..I just sent a note a day or so ago to Chancellor Doug K re: the very “newsy” New Frotiers publication I recveived this week…once I started reading I could not put the magazine down but read EVERY story (which I don’t often do)-what a great compilation of a sample of work by UNK “faculty-scholars!”
    As you may know, UNK and I go back a ways…I was an adjunct instructor in Communications (Speech 100) for 20 years-until 2012- after earning my BA (’66) and MA (’88) at UNK …and as News Director at KGFW-AM for over 30 years I worked often with Glennis Nagel in gathering and following up on campus news items and scheduling guests on “Talk of the Town.” UNK is very special to me and although physical and mobility problems regrettably are beginning to interfere with my desires to attend campus events and check out new “stuff” in the library, I am glad for recent “social media” expansions which help keep me up to date. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! (and please greet Todd for me!)

    Paul Wice

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