United Way Giving: A letter from the chancellor

unk thermometerChancellor Doug Kristensen 2013-1Dear Colleagues,

Could you be the one to provide rent and utility assistance to a low-income family struggling to make ends meet?

Could you be the one to deliver a two-month food package to an elderly woman struggling to remain independent on social security benefits alone?

Could you be the one to give a homeless family a place to live? And coaching to make changes that would help them live sustainably?

If I asked you all to accomplish these things, you might think I’ve lost my mind. “We don’t have the time or the resources to provide this kind of help to people in our community,” you might say. …. Or do we?

Through our support of the United Way of the Kearney Area, we can “Be the One” to reach out to those in need and to give a helping hand. United Way partners with 22 agencies and programs that provide these services and so many more.

I understand that each of us supports personal charities and that many of you already support the United Way or United Way agencies in other ways.

UNK has a long history of helping our community through the annual Campus United Way campaign. This year, we have been challenged by our friends at Good Samaritan Hospital to match their 2012 participation rate of 13 percent. Our total for the 2013 Campaign was just over $20,000 with 8.8 percent of UNK employees participating.

Today, I ask you to review the agencies supported by the United Way of the Kearney Area and make a pledge for the 2014 Campaign.

Please join me and help UNK “Be the One” to care for others in our community through the United Way. Return your completed pledge card to the Office of Human Resources today.

Doug Kristensen, Chancellor

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