UNK summer commencement set for July 26

Contact: Kelly Bartling, assistant vice chancellor, Communications and Community Relations, 308-224-7473, bartlingkh@unk.edu

  • What: University of Nebraska at Kearney Summer Commencement
  • When: 10 a.m. Friday, July 26; students line up beginning at 9:15 a.m.
  • Where: Ponderosa Room, Nebraskan Student Union, west of Ninth Avenue and 27th Street
  • Webcast: www.unk.edu/about/commencement/

KEARNEY – One hundred eighty-seven students will graduate July 26 at University of Nebraska at Kearney’s summer commencement exercises. Candidates for graduation include 82 baccalaureate and 105 graduate degree candidates. The ceremony begins at 10 a.m. at the Nebraskan Student Union Ponderosa Room.

Thomas S. Martin, the O.K. Bouwsma Professor of Philosophy at UNK, will give the commencement address. Martin joined the Kearney State College faculty in 1986. His areas of specialization are in ethics, philosophy in literature, political philosophy, G. K. Chesterton, Solzhenitsyn and Dostoyevsky. He was awarded the Outstanding Professor of the Year by the Honors Program. He publishes essays in Gilbert!, The New Oxford Review, St. Austin Review and The St. Croix while presenting papers at national conferences across the United States. He has led seminars on Dostoyevsky, Wittgenstein and G.K. Chesterton.

A former chairman of the philosophy program during the transition from KSC to UNK, Martin has held numerous faculty leadership and advisory positions. He additionally served on Kearney Catholic High School Board, including two terms as president. His address is titled “Know Thyself.”

Friday’s ceremonies will open with the national anthem, performed by soloist Addison Herren of Juniata. Herren graduates Friday with a bachelor’s degree in musical theater. He will be accompanied on the piano by Dan Yu from Nanchang Jiangxi, China. Yu graduates Friday with a music performance degree. Both Yu and Herren earned honorable mention academic honors.

Hannah Harmon of Dawson will give the graduate reflection. Harmon graduates Friday Magna Cum Laude with a sports administration degree. Harmon was a member of the Honors Program and Phi Eta Sigma honorary fraternity, Chancellor’s Leadership Class and Dean’s Academic List.

She earned numerous scholarships and awards, including the Multicultural Community Service Scholarship; Multicultural Affairs Student Leader and Freshman of the Year Awards; Rosenlof/McKenzie Outstanding Sophomore Scholar Award; and the Department of Health, P.E., Recreation and Leisure Studies Scholarship. She has also been active in undergraduate research, student government, the Sports Administration Majors Club and coaching youth soccer and volleyball.

Harmon’s work experience includes a practicum with the UNK Athletic Department, an internship with Tri-City Storm Hockey and work as a sales associate at Kearney’s Viaero Event Center.

Most recently Harmon is completing an internship for Offutt Air Force Base Outdoor Recreation. In the fall she will attend Northwest Missouri State University where she will serve as a Graduate Assistant for the Recreation Department and work toward her master’s degree.

UNK Chancellor Douglas Kristensen will give the welcome, and Tim Clare, chairman of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents, will give greetings on behalf of the board. Ron Tuttle, professor of industrial technology, will serve as Grand Marshal.

For those unable to attend commencement in person, the event will be available as a webcast. The information for the webcast is located on the UNK homepage, or by visiting www.unk.edu/about/commencement/. In addition, individuals on campus can view ceremonies via Campus Cable TV, Channel 2.

The candidates for degrees are listed below in three groups: graduates from Nebraska, graduates from across the United States and international graduates. Nebraska graduates are listed in alphabetical order by hometown. Out-of-state graduates are listed in alphabetical order by state. International graduates are listed in alphabetical order by country. Degrees are listed.

Students graduating with honors have the honors noted after their names. Honors, along with grade point averages necessary to earn those honors, include: summa cum laude, 3.90-4.00; magna cum laude, 3.80-3.89; cum laude, 3.70-3.79; and honorable mention, 3.50-3.69.

NOTE: Abbreviations that appear in the listings, and what they represent, are:

Undergraduate Degrees:
BA – Bachelor of Arts
BAE – Bachelor of Arts in Education
BS – Bachelor of Science
BSE – Bachelor of Science in Education
BFA – Bachelor of Fine Arts
BGS – Bachelor of General Studies
BM – Bachelor of Music

Graduate Degrees (GR):
EDS – Education Specialist
MA – Master of Arts
MAED – Master of Arts in Education
MS – Master of Science
MSE – Master of Science in Education
MBA – Master of Business Administration

Albion – Cassandra Olson                 GR       MA                    History
Anselmo – Evan Crouch                   BS                                Business Administration Comp.
Arapahoe  – Katrina Helms               GR       MAEd                Reading PK-12
Atkinson – Jodi Schroeder                BS                                Radiography Comp.
Aurora – Rene Ostdiek                     GR       MAEd                Reading PK-12
Bellevue – Kailey Smith                   GR       MAEd                Reading PK-12
Bertrand – Cory Nelsen                    BS                                Industrial Distribution Comp.
Blair – Joshua Jensen                      BS                                Sports Administration C Comp.
Blue Hill  – Mara Gilbert                    BS                                Criminal Justice Comp.
Boelus – Nathan Rogers                   BS                                Aviation Systems Mgmt. Comp.
Brady – William Roe                         GR       MSEd                School Counseling Secondary
Burwell – Jennifer Critel                    GR       MSEd                Instructional Technology
Cedar Rapids – Lana Koziol              BS                                Recreation Mgmt.
Magna Cum Laude
Central City – Bobby Kelley             GR       EdS                  School Superintendent
Central City – Brittany McPhillips      GR       MAEd             Curriculum and Instruction
Clarkson – Ryan Waters                  GR       MAE                 Art Education
Cody – Kristin Fay                          GR       MAEd                Curriculum and Instruction
Columbus – Danielle Wacha             GR       MAEd             Special Education
Cozad – Tasia Aden                         BS                                Social Work Comp.
Cozad – Nicole Hunke                      BS                                Criminal Justice
Cozad – Kody Marshall                     BS                                Exercise Science Fitness and Wellness Comp.
Crete – Ana Castaneda Bautista        BAE                              Elementary Education K-6 Field
Crofton – Donna Arens                    GR       MAEd                Reading PK-12
Culbertson – Jordan Kershaw                        BS                                Health Science                           SummaCum Laude
Dawson – Hannah Harmon               BS                                Sports Admin Comp.                   Magna Cum Laude
Deweese – Tyler Fik                                    BGS                              General Studies
Elwood – Kirk Andrews                     BS                                Criminal Justice
Elwood – Richard Bennett                 BS                                Sports Administration
Falls City – Katherine Gifford                       GR       MAEd                Special Education
Fordyce – Brenda Thoene                 GR       MAEd                Spanish Education
Fullerton – Melissa Aaberg                GR       MSEd                School Counseling Elementary
Gering – Matthew Filbert                   BS                                Aviation Systems Mgmt Comp.    Cum Laude
Gering – Tracy Henderson                GR       MAEd                Curriculum and Instruction
Gibbon – Matthew Tacha                   BGS                              General Studies
Gordon – Crystal Staley                   GR       MAEd                Curriculum and Instruction
Grand Island – Leah Cox                  BS                                Business Administration
Grand Island – Kayla Wojtalewicz      BS                                Exercise Science
Grand Island  – Corey Hatt               GR       MAEd                Curriculum and Instruction
Grand Island – Jamie Menagh                       GR       MAEd                Curriculum and Instruction
Grand Island – Denise Pedersen        GR       MSEd                Instructional Technology
Hastings – Brock Drudik                   BS                                Industrial Distribution Comp.        Cum Laude
Hastings – Travis Hand                    BS                                Business Administration
Hastings – Andrea Curlo                   GR       MSEd                Science Math Education
Hastings – Jean Davis                     GR       MAEd                Spanish Education
Hastings – Amber Schultz                 GR       MAEd                Special Education
Hastings – Hannah Vacek                GR       MAEd                Curriculum and Instruction
Hay Springs  – Leah Maltbie             GR       MAEd                Art Education
Holdrege – Ashley Borg                    BS                                Family Studies
Holdrege – Jace Johnson                 BS                                Exercise Science Fitness and Wellness Comp.
Holdrege – Jeffrey Poling                 BS                                Business Administration Comp.
Howells – Sarah Edwards                  GR       MAEd                School Principalship PK-8
Humphrey – Travis Wegener                        GR       MAEd                Physical Education
Hyannis – Michele Evans                 GR       MSEd                Instructional Technology
Juniata –  Addison Heeren                BM                                Musical Theatre Comp.                Cum Laude
Kearney –  Bobby Bernt                   GR       MSEd                Instructional Technology
Kearney –  Michaela            Frost                 BS                                Family Studies
Kearney – Grant Gartner                  BS                                Recreation Park Tourism Mgmt. Comp.
Kearney – Cheyenne           Gunther                         BS                                Exercise Science
Kearney – Barry Jeffs                    BS                                Recreation, Park and Tourism Mgmt. Comp.
Kearney – Cassandra Larreau           BS                                Business Economics Comp.
Kearney – Emily Sparks                   BS                                Psychology
Kearney –  Jamie Stroup                  BS                                Biology
Kearney – Victoria Gray                   GR       MSEd                Instruction Technology
Kearney – Joseph Konecny              GR       MBA                  Business Administration
Kearney – Justin Patterson               GR       MAEd                School Principalship 7-12
Kearney –  Olga Patricia Ruppert       GR       MSEd                Clinical Mental Health
Lexington – Estefani Jacobo                         BA                                Spanish Translation and Inter.
Lexington – Rafaila Ramirez            BA                                Spanish                                     Cum Laude
Lexington – Josh Kuecker                 GR       MAEd                Curriculum Instruction
Lincoln – Taylor Anderson                 BS                                Journalism/Advertising
Lincoln –  Madison Zimmerman         BGS                              General Studies
Maywood – Shauna Donohoe                        GR       MAEd                Reading PK-12
McCook – Dillon Goltl                       BS                                Construction Mgmt. Comp.
Minden – Amanda Raffety                BS                                Psychology Comp.
Minden – Bryan Anderson                 GR       MBA                  Business Administration
Minden – Noah Maulsby                   GR       MAEd                School Principalship 7-12
Nebraska City – Angela Maybee       GR       MAEd                Supervisor of Special Ed
Norfolk – Darin Suckstorf                 GR       MAEd                School Principalship 7-12
North Platte – Curtis Collins              BS                                Exercise Science                                    HM
North Platte – Elizabeth McCrone       GR       MAEd                Curriculum and Instruction
North Platte – Melissa Smith             GR       MSEd                Instructional Technology
Ogallala – Tomas England                 BA                                Elementary Education Field K-6
Ogallala – Tanner Fruit                     GR       MAEd                Physical Education
Ogallala – Cale Holscher                  GR       MAEd                Physical Education
Omaha – Adam Couture                   BS                                Industrial Distribution Comp.
Omaha – Elisia Falcon                     BS                                Sports Administration
Omaha – Jessica Lefler                   BS                                Sports Administration Comp.
Omaha – Hillary Thompson              BS                                Business Administration               Cum Laude
Omaha – Kathrine Griess                  GR       MAEd                Curriculum and Instruction
Omaha – Geoffrey Naujokaitis                      GR       MSEd                Instructional Technology
Omaha – Joseph Scharfenkamp        GR       MAEd                Physical Ed. Exercise Science
Omaha – Colten Venteicher              GR       MBA                  Business Administration
Omaha – Alex Wheatley                   GR       MAEd                Physical Education Exercise Science
Omaha – Ashley Cunningham                       GR       MS                    Biology
O’Neill – Connor Davis                     BS                                Exercise Science                                    Magna Cum Laude
O’Neill –  Jody Fox                          GR       MAEd                Special Education
Overton – Brandon Rimpley             BS                                Business Administration Comp.
Papillion – Sara Wynn                      BS                                Business Administration Comp.
Papillion – DianaFurcini                    GR       MAEd                Special Education
Papillion – Lisa Raszler                     GR       MSEd                Instructional Technology
Pender – Jennifer Hanger                 GR       MSEd                Instructional Technology
Pierce – Jacob Navrkal                    BS                                Industrial Distribution Comp.
Pierce – Ashton Premer                    BS                                Industrial Distribution Comp.
Pilger – Ralee Plugge                       BS                                Family Studies
Pleasanton – Kristi Bauer                  BS                                Recreation Mgmt.                                   HM
Ralston – William Schroeder             GR       MSEd                Instructional Technology
Ravenna – Adam Mingus                  BS                                Mathematics 7-12
Schuyler – Alfredo Alarcon               BS                                Business Administration Comp.
Scottsbluff – James Bogus              GR       MS                    Biology
Scottsbluff – Jill Walker                   GR       MAEd                PE Master Teacher
Scribner – Adam Ortmeier                 BS                                Criminal Justice
Shelton – Marcus Donner                  GR       MAEd                School Principalship 7-12
Shelton – Angela Keller                     GR       MAEd                Spanish Education
Shickley – Bryce Jorgenson             GR       EdS                  School Superintendent
Spalding – Melissa Berger                 BS                                Exercise Science                                    HM
Sparks – Alyssa Clay                                  GR       MSEd                Speech Language Pathology
Tecumseh – Samantha Watts                       BS                                Recreation Park and Tourism Mgmt Comp.
Tecumseh – Ashley Juilfs                GR       MAEd                Special Education
Valley – Zachary White                    GR       MSEd                Instructional Technology
Verdigre – Beth Johnson                   GR       MAEd                Curriculum and Instruction
Wakefield – Ian Miner                      BS                                Recreation Park Tourism Mgmt Comp.
Wauneta – Kathryn Pruter               GR       MA                    History
Wood River – Curtis Maloney                       BS                                Industrial Distribution Comp.
Wood River – Sarah            Roth                 BS                                Recreation Park Tourism Mgmt. Comp.
Wymore – Lindsay Wittmus            BS                                Business Administration
York – Katherine Lee                                  BS                                Sports Administration
York – Rebecca Moore                     GR       MAEd                Special Education

Lanett – Chelsea Bunn                     GR       MS                    Biology

Bella Vista – Aaron Divine                GR       MA                    History
Conway – Fredrick Baker                 GR       MA                    History

El Cajon – Patrick Kelly                    BS                                Criminal Justice Comp.               Magna Cum Laude
Longmont – Tyler Keith                    BS                                Sports Administration Com

East Hampton – Thomas Hepburn Jr. BS                                Sports Administration

Seaford – Diana Irvine                     GR       MAEd                Reading PK-12

Fort Dodge – Jennifer Gernhart         GR       MS                    Biology
Marion – Kristina Hart                       GR       MSEd    I           nstructional Technology

Geneva – Haley Dieken                   GR       MSEd                Instructional Technology

Chalmette – Robert Caballero                       GR       MS                    Biology

Lanham – Susan Kleps                     GR       MAEd                Art Education

Cass City – Kevin Green                 GR       MAEd                School Principalship PK-8

Kenockee – Denise McKernan           GR       MA                    History
Northville – Adrienne Dunkerley        GR       MAEd                Art Education
Riverview – Allen Chezick                GR       MS                    Biology

Cannon Falls – Erin Hoffman                        GR       MS                    Biology
Eveleth – Jessica Halley                  MA                                History
Worthington – Ryan Mahlberg                       GR       MS                    Biology

Wright City – Nicole Bond                GR       MAEd                Art Education
Iuka – Damien Clark                                    GR       MAEd                Physical Education

McAllister – Lacey Hopper                GR       MS                    Biology

North Carolina     
Charlotte – Donald Koller                  GR       MS                    Biology
Durham – Velta Napoleon-Fanis        GR       MS                    Biology
Hendersonville – Shelby Lewis          GR       MA                    History

North Dakota                    
Minot – Janice Hobbs                      BS                                Sociology
New Jersey           
Livingston – Katie DiTringo               GR       MS                    Biology

Russia – Sara Schmitmeyer             GR       MAEd                Art Education
Struthers – Crystal  Lewis                GR       MS                    Biology
McMinnville – Rona Aspholm             GR       MAEd                Art Education

Hatfield – Andrea Campbell              GR       MA                    History
Lancaster – Hannah Phillips              GR       MS                    Biology

South Carolina                 
Conway – John Goldston                  GR       MS                    Biology
Lexington – Roger Pruitt                   GR       MA                    History
Spartanburg – Kristin White               GR       MAEd                School Principalship PK-8

South Dakota       
Custer – Lacey Rogers                    BA                                English

Fort Worth – Stacey Lumsden                      GR       MA                    History
Kingwood – Julana Shmaefsky          GR       MS                    Biology

New Harmony – Brent Frankland       GR       MS                    Biology

Seattle – Mark Lewis                                    GR       MAEd                PE Master Teacher

Mountain View – Tarl Van Dusen        GR       MAEd                School Principalship PK-8

Teresina – Candida Maria Machado de Carvalho          GR       MAEd    Curriculum and Instruction
Caribbean Netherlands
Kralendijk – Genady Filkovsky          GR       MS                    Biology

Beijing – Di Shao                             BS                    Sport Administration
Beijing – Qiao Song                          BS                    Professional Chemist Comp.                    HM
cheng De – Pengfei Li                      BS                    Business Administration Comprehensive
Chenzhou – Lingli Huang                  GR                   MBA Business Administration
Jinan – Ziguang Liu                         BS                    Business Administration
Jinan – Yi Meng                              BA                    Economics                                             HM
Nanchang – Dan Yu                                    BM                    Music Performance Comp                                    HM
Wuhan – Li Tan                               BS                    Mathematics                                          Cum Laude

Bucaramanga – Rey Rosas Margareth           BA                    Political Science

Komaki – Yuki Mori                          BS                    Sports Administration Comp.
Kumamoto-shi – Naoki Sameshima    BS                    Athletic Training Comp.
Muragame – Arata Osora                  BS                    Aviation Systems Mgmt. Comp.
Sakata – Teruhisa Takahashi             BS                    Business Administration
Toyohashi – KeijiKomoda                  BS                    Exercise Science

Saudi Arabia
Dammam – Mohammed Al Ghamdi    BS                    Business Administration Comp.