UNK students earn high scores on Major Field Test

Source Contact: Marsha Yeagley, 308-865-8345, yeagleym@unk.edu

KEARNEY – The College of Business and Technology at the University of Nebraska at Kearney announced students who performed exceptionally well on the spring 2013 Major Field Test.

The Major Field Test, administered by the Educational Testing Service, is a comprehensive undergraduate and graduate outcome assessment that measures the critical knowledge and understanding obtained by students in a major field of study.

The Major Field Test does more than measure students’ factual knowledge. The test also helps faculty evaluate students’ ability to analyze and solve problems, understand relationships and interpret material from their major or field of study.

“A high score on this test not only speaks well for the student but for the program and faculty,” said Marsha Yeagley, UNK Marketing and MIS senior lecturer. “Their score indicates that they are among the most competent of business students taking this test. It reflects their hard work, conscientious nature and that they have a clear understanding of the information they were taught within their business classes.”

The Educational Testing Service, the company that develops, administers and scores assessments, offers comprehensive national comparative data for the Major Field Test. This enables universities to evaluate students’ performance and compare their program’s effectiveness to programs at similar institutions nationwide.

The following students were tested in the field of business. They are listed alphabetically by hometown. Some additional students’ scores were announced earlier this academic year.

Amherst – Jarod DeTurk (95th percentile)

Aurora – Daniel Frauendorfer (94th percentile)

Elba – Shari Spilinek (96th percentile)

Gothenburg – Brian Riley (90th percentile)

Grand Island – Clayton Pfeifer (96th percentile)

North Platte – Jeffrey Bryant (99th percentile)

North Platte – Kevin Dancer (90th percentile)

Scottsbluff – Justin Vogel (98th percentile)

Silver Creek – Jake Sawatsky (96th percentile)

Spencer – Chaney Black (97th percentile)

Wood River – Abbie Davis (98th percentile)