Dr. Darleen Mitchell
UNK Department of Music and Performing Arts, 308.865.8632

A University of Nebraska at Kearney graduate student in art will have a two-day, Sept. 23 – 24, installation at the Museum of Nebraska Art.

Sabrina Albiero of Strasbourg, France, is completing a master’s degree in art education at UNK. Her installation, titled “Nenettes” or “Labyrinth of the Mind,” will combine various media, including drawings, sculpture, theater and video, all within a walkable labyrinth.
“Nenettes” is the French word for “women.”

“The installation is a presentation of a series of artworks–a representation of women I named ‘Nenettes,’ and [it] is meant to engage our senses of sight, touch, hearing and smelling,” Albiero said.

“Museums not only present the work of an artist, but can give us information about artists and their work, the meaning of their art, and their place in that field, as well as their own unique universe,” she said. “In an installation, the museum works in close collaboration with the artist, providing the necessary space to allow the artist’s vision.

“The artworks are a part of the exhibit, but no longer the center of attention. Rather, an installation literally takes the viewer inside the artist’s mind. The viewer is separated from his usual and common world for a few minutes.”

Albiero, a graduate assistant at UNK, teaches courses in art appreciation and art structure.

The installation, which is free and open to the public, will be up from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Friday and Saturday at MONA.