No Limits Women’s & Gender Studies Conference Friday – Saturday, March 4-5, UNK

Dr. Linda Van Ingen
director of the Women’s Studies Program, University of Nebraska at Kearney, 308.865.8772

Complete schedule of the No Limits Women’s & Gender Studies Conference taking place Friday – Saturday, March 4 – 5, on the University of Nebraska at Kearney campus.

The event, which is free and open to the public, will take place in the Nebraskan Student Union Ponderosa Rooms. Panel sessions are outlined below. The keynote performance by Lenelle Moise on Friday night is cosponsored by a grant from the UNK Faculty Senate Artists & Lecturers Committee.

No Limits! is a regional academic conference dedicated to crossing boundaries between disciplines and exploring a wide range of women’s and gender issues. Undergraduate and Graduate students throughout the Great Plains will present their scholarly work and creative activities.

Panel sessions are outlined below, in general, and in more detail below.

The conference contact person is:

Linda Van Ingen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, History Department
Director, Women’s & Gender Studies Program
103-C Copeland Hall
University of Nebraska at Kearney
Kearney, NE 68849
(308) 865-8772

Friday, March 4 
10-10:45am        Check-in (coffee/rolls)
10:45-11:15        “Confluence:” Eco-Feminist Literary Reading Performance by Allison Hedge Coke (UNK) & Lee Ann Roripaugh (USD)
11:20-12:35        Conference Panel Sessions #1 & #2 & Labyrinth Walk
12:40-1:20        Lunch ($10)
1:25-2:40                Conference Panel Sessions #3 & #4 & Labyrinth Walk
2:45-4:00                Conference Panel Sessions #5 & #6 & Dancing with Colors
4:05-5:20                Conference Panel Sessions #7 & #8 & Labyrinth Walk
5:30pm                Dinner – complimentary
7:00pm                Keynote: “Speaking Intersections” by Lenelle Moïse, Haitian-American Artist/Poet

Saturday, March 5 
Early Birds 5am        Sandhill Cranes: sign up to take van to Audubon viewing site
8:30-9am                Check-in (coffee/rolls)
9:00-10:15        Conference Panel Sessions #9 & #10 & #11
10:20-11:05        Workshop with Lenelle Moïse
11:10-12:25        Conference Panel Sessions #12 & #13 & #14
12:30-2:00pm        Lunch ($10) & Women’s Studies Alumni Panel


Women’s & Gender Studies Conference
“NO LIMITS! Eco-Feminism & Artful Healing”
UNK – Nebraskan Student Union, Ponderosa Rooms
Contact:  Linda Van Ingen (  308-865-8772

March 4 & 5, 2011

All events are in the UNK Student Union. Rooms equipped with smart carts (A/V, wireless).

Friday, March 4

Friday, 10-10:45am – Check-in (coffee/rolls)

Friday, 10:45-11:15 – “Confluence:” Eco-Feminist Literary Reading Performance by NU MFA Writing FacultyAllison Hedge Coke, Associate Professor of English, UNK
Lee Ann Roripaugh, Associate Professor of English, University of South Dakota

Friday, beginning 10:45am –Studio Art Exhibit

Ponderosa Room E
Sabrina Albiero, UNK
Alie Brabec, UNK
Adam Coble, UNK
Kacee Conley, UNK
Laura Jensen, Vermont College
Charles Schluckebier, UNK

Friday, 11:20-12:35

Session #1:    Gendered Constructs in Public Spaces
Room D, Carol Lilly, Professor of History, Director of International Studies, UNK
Paul Skinner (UNK), “The Impact of Fight Club on the Discourse of Masculinity”
Ashley Ermer (Nebraska Wesleyan), “Fake Testicles: An Outcry of Power”
Laura Logan (Kansas State), “Gender, Race, Sexuality and Public Harassment: The Case of the ‘Killer Lesbians’”

Session #2: Women and Islam
Room C, Jessica Henry, Professor of Communication & Director of Women’s & Gender Studies, Hastings College
Mallory Hunter (UNO), “Overcoming Obstacles: Wife, Mother, Provider”
Allyson Jurek (UNO), “The Sex Trade of Women in the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula: Investigating Causes, Results, and Solutions”
Katy Arnold (UNO), “Stoning: How Islamic is it Really?”

Labyrinth Walk
Room A, Linda Shaw, MS, LMHP, LADC Counselor, Director of Women’s Center, WGS Advisory Council, UNK

Friday, 12:40-1:20        Lunch ($10)  (Room B)

Friday, 1:25-2:40

Session #3:  Artful Healing
Room C, Moderator Stephanie Furrer, Associate Professor of Psychology, Hastings College
Sarah Kollars (UNK), “Support Groups for Adolescent Girls in the Community”
Ashley Frear Cooper (UNL), “Disparities in Physical and Mental Health Outcomes in the United States: Taking an Intersectionality Approach”
Janine M. Brooks (UNO), “Girl, You Are Amazing!”

Session #4:  Challenging Stereotypes of Muslim Women: Overview and Focus on Saudi Arabia
Room D, Moderator Karen Falconer Al-Hindi, Professor of Geography, Director of Women’s & Gender Studies (UNO)
Osamah Alhenaki (UNO)
Faisal al-Dosari (UNO)
Alea Hall (UNO)

Labyrinth Walk
Room A, Linda Shaw, MS, LMHP, LADC Counselor, Director of Women’s Center, WGS Advisory Council, UNK

Friday, 2:45-4:00

Session #5:  Transnational Feminism through Study Abroad
Room C, Moderator Tone Mendoza, Reference Librarian , WGS Advisory Council, UNK
Rebeca Acosta (UNK), “Mujeres Atrapadas (Entrapped Women) in Colombia”
Caroline Neujahr (UNK), “Gendered Constructs in China”
Abbie Olson, Stephanie Klein, Ashley Hochstein (UNK), “Women’s Issues in Israel”

Session #6:  Adolescent Girls in Literature
Room D, Moderator Carrie Kracl, Assistant Professor of Education, WGS Advisory Council, UNK
Celeste Lempke (UNK), “Saving Young Girls from Ourselves: The Importance of Superheroine Fantasy”
Libby Hallgren (UNL), “Adolescent Violence and Romance in The Hunger Games

Dancing with Colors
Sandhills Room, Janice Fronczak, Associate Professor of Theater, WGS Advisory Council, UNK

Friday, 4:05-5:20        

Session #7:  The Second-Wave of Feminism
Room C, Moderator Amy Rundstrom, Assistant Director of Academic & Career Services, UNK
Jennifer Richardson (UNK), “Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz”
Rebecca Ann Sevela (UNK), “Shulamith Firestone”
Elizabeth Schnieder (USD), “Nebraska and the ERA”

Session #8:  Self-Concepts and Identity
Room C, Moderator Lori Santos, Assistant Professor of Art & Art History, UNK
Shasta Inman (UNL), “Questions: A Monologue in Two Personas”
Emily Kubalik (UNK), “Individual and Social Factors that Influence Self-Concept Resiliency of Women and Men”
Kylee Britzman (UNL), “A Journey into Women’s Studies: Where to Go From Here?”

Labyrinth Walk
Room A, Linda Shaw, MS, LMHP, LADC Counselor, Director of Women’s Center, WGS Advisory Council, UNK

Friday, 5:30pm        Dinner – complimentary (Room B)

Friday, 7:00pm        Keynote:  “Speaking Intersections” by Lenelle Moïse

Room E                Haitian-American Artist/Poet

Saturday, March 5

Saturday Early Birds, 5am  Sandhill Cranes

Saturday8:30-9am – Check-in (coffee/rolls)


Session #9:  Hearing Women’s Voices
Room C, Moderator Linda Van Ingen, Associate Professor of History, Director of Women’s & Gender Studies, UNK
Tiffany Bullen (University of Northern Iowa), “Sleeping Bear, Gichigami and the Century of Trees: Ecopoems of the Great Lakes”
Heather Towndrow (UNK), “Their Hearts May Be Bleeding but Are Not Yet on the Ground”
Laura Madeline Wiseman (UNL), “Queen of the Platform: Inventions of the Life of Matilda Fletcher”

Session #10:  Art and Art History
Room D, Moderator Darleen Mitchell, Professor of Music, WGS Advisory Council, UNK
Britiany Daugherty (UNO), “Rajput Women: Representations Comparable to Western Gender Constructions”
Sabrina Albiero (UNK), “Nenettes: The Labyrinth of Mind”

Session #11:  Social Implications: Homelessness, Sexual Assault, Abortion
Room A, Moderator Laura Logan, Ph.D. Candidate, Kansas State & UNK Alumna
Sara Robertson (Hastings College), “Hope for the Future: A Thematic Analysis of Female Homelessness”
Bethany Ridling (UNL), “The Importance of Recognizing all Types of Sexual Assault: A Review of the Literature on Same-Sex Sexual Assault”
Kate Wintz (University of Missouri, Columbia), “Nebraska State Lines and the Female Body”

Saturday, 10:20-11:05        Workshop with Lenelle Moïse

Saturday, 11:10-12:25

Session #12:  Ethnographic Approach to the American Muslim Experience in Nebraska
Room C, Moderator Diane Wysocki, Professor of Sociology, UNK
Katherine Dyche (UNO), “’Islamic Adoption’: Implications of Islamic Adoption Laws and Traditions”
Furkan Dindar (UNO), “Take it Off, Put it On…Excuse Me? This is my Body!”
Tessie Seiler (UNO), “Religious Freedoms for Female Iraqi Refugees”

Session #13:  Women’s Agency in American History
Room D, Moderator Amber Lewis, MA Candidate, KHS Social Studies Teacher, WGS Advisory Council, UNK
Sylvia Hall (UNL), “Art Matronage: A Movement”
Michaela Kneip (UNK), “Mexican Immigration and Migrant Issues from 1965-1985: A Woman’s Journey”
Rebecca Wingo (UNL), “Reform, Rebellion, and Empowerment: White and Native Women Reformers in the Late Nineteenth Century”

Session #14:  Gender Differences? Women, Business and Media
Room A, Moderator Tami Moore, Associate Professor of Family Studies, WGS Advisory Council, UNK
Haili Copas-Starke (UNO), “Merely Flirtatious Behavior: Sexual Harassment and the Workplace”
Adam Wagler (UNL), “Turning Points with New Media: Discourses Created by Interactive Advertising Campaigns”
Bailey Eldredge (Hastings College), “Can You Hear Me Now? The Relationship Between Gender Differences, Musical Background, and the Perception of Musical Illusions”

Saturday, 12:30-2:00 pm        Lunch ($10)  (Room B)
Women’s & Gender Studies Alumni Panel
Amber Lewis, Laura Logan, Tessa Roberts, Elizabeth Schnieder