Honors Program at UNK Sets 30-Year Record; New Members Announced

Dr. Gary Davis
UNK Symphonic Band director, 308.865.8497

UNK- The Honors Program at the University of Nebraska at Kearney has set a
30-year record this fall with 166 freshmen members, according to Dr. Gary
Davis, UNK Honors Program director.

“Last year, we had 145 freshmen in the Honors Program, and before that, we
had averaged 135 honors freshmen per year,” Dr. Davis said. “This group of
166 students is the largest freshmen class since the program began in
1980.” Dr. Davis attributed the increase, in part, to establishing the
newly renovated Men’s Hall, which houses both men and women, as an Honors
Program residence, as well as  the efforts of UNK Admissions counselors.

“We have outstanding Admissions counselors who are just wonderful about
talking proudly about the Honors Program,” he said. “And our current Honors
Program members are also key to building the program.”

Membership in the group is competitive. According to Dr. Davis, incoming
freshmen must have a composite ACT score of 26, be in the top 25 percent of
their senior class, complete an application form, submit two letters of
recommendations, provide a list of high school activities and complete a
300-500 word essay on a topic.

“There are many benefits to being an honors student,” Dr. Davis said.
“Honors students have two advisers–an academic adviser and an honors
adviser. They get to register early for classes, and there is a great
esprit de corps among other honors students as well as leadership from the
Honors Student Advisory Board.” The new freshmen class joins the more than
550 current UNK honors students.

The 2010 UNK freshmen honors students are listed below, with Nebraska
students listed first alphabetically by hometown. Out-of-state students are
listed next, alphabetically by state.

ALBION- Spencer McBride
ALLIANCE- Claire Tolstedt
ALMA- Hannah Blum
ANSELMO- Michael Christen
ANSLEY- Tanner Focken
ARCADIA- Christina Ritz
AUBURN- Matthew Oliver and Serina Plympton
AURORA- Kiley Dibbern
BEATRICE- Shelby Zimmerman
BELLEVUE- Holton Jones, Kailah Onsager and Andrew Poinsette
BENNETT- Stacey Ockinga
BENNINGTON- Nicole Connor
BERTRAND- Emily Charles
BURWELL- Brian Bird
CAIRO- Sydney Clifton
CAMPBELL- KateLyn Crowell
CENTENNIAL- Jordan Hughett
COLUMBUS- Nicole Green, Travis Groteluschen, Tyler McConville, Angela
Salazar, Samuel Swartz and Laura Zach
COZAD- Kendra Harbison
CULBERTSON- Elizabeth Weidner
DAWSON- Hannah Harmon
DONIPHAN- Taylor Fjeldheim
ELKHORN- Elizabeth McClelland
ELM CREEK- Derek Marshall
ENDERS- Adrianne Pursley
FAIRBURY- Kenzie Helmink
FORT CALHOUN- Taylor Miller
FRANKLIN- Whitney Rubendall
FREMONT- Carly Havener and Kristin Maca
GENOA- Alyse Andreasen, Kirstin Cromwell and Brandon Drozd
GOTHENBURG- Joanna Blecha
GRAND ISLAND- Danielle Bartels, Jacob Betson, Samantha Brown, Michelle
Dobrovolny, Brandi Falkena , Andrea Hesterman,          Allison Hipke,
Tosheena Hobbs, Kristin Klanecky, Quinn Mendyk, Blake Saltzgaber and Callie
HARTINGTON- Jordan Rehnstrom
HASTINGS- Taylar Armes, Jennifer Mahoney, Jacob Meyer and Rachel Schmidt
HOLDREGE- Abby Fuehrer
HUMBOLDT- Taylor Schulze
IMPERIAL- Chevy Smith
INDIANOLA- April Guthrie
JUNIATA- Jordan Fisher and Brittany Pfeifer
KEARNEY- Yeswanth Nadella, Chase Svoboda, Nicole Anderson, Christopher
Brown, Cami Christman, Dominique Kropp, Mary Ann        Pelc, Abby Riese,
Katie Sokolowski, Camilla Stoner, Mary Stuart, Trevor Woodward and
Christine Younes
LAUREL- Brianna Johnson
LAWRENCE- Kristin Kohmetscher and Thomas Ostdiek
LEXINGTON- Bridget Seberger
LINCOLN- Makenzie Crew, Spencer Labedz, Rebecca Swenseth, Eric Thompson,
Amanda Ullman and Janessa Whitaker
LONG PINE- Danielle Thornton
MALMO- Nathan Sousek
MCCOOK- Andrew Broadfoot
MILFORD- Dylan Oatman and Peter Stahly
MINDEN- Jonathan Hunzeker and Rachel Schnoor
MITCHELL- Ashley Hill and Katy Lebruska
MORRILL- Jaime Fredrickson
NORTH PLATTE- Alisha Arnold, Marshall Dorr, Bailey Florom, Kelsey Foote,
Regis Gutz, Dillon Johnson, Morgan Milroy and Richard   Poppe
OGALLALA- Blair Youngs
OMAHA- Ethan Baumgartner, Derek Comba, Tyler Fead, Jordan Johnson,
Stephanie Lyons, Brianne McGee, Kelsie Musil and                Chelsea Rasing
O’NEILL- Erin Gotschall
PALISADE- Donna Schluckebier
PALMER- Gabrielle Wichmann
PAPILLION- Michael Florance
PHILLIPS- Shaunie Comer
PIERCE- Chelsea Atkins
PLAINVIEW- Justin Kluver and Katrina Rosberg
PLEASANTON- Sean Campbell
RALSTON- Matthew Holcomb
ROCKVILLE- Natalie Hanisch
ST. EDWARD- Kevin Carder
SCHUYLER- Bridgette Schneekloth
SEWARD- Kenneth Stratton
SHELBY- Megan Veburg
SIDNEY- Chelsea Barton and Abby Rosenbaum
SPENCER- Chaney Black and Erica Engelhaupt
ST. PAUL- Matthew Zulkoski
SUTHERLAND- Alexander Sandberg and Regan VanSkiver
TILDEN- Abby Larson
VALLEY- Wade Jensen and Sarah Kollars
WACO- Kody Killion
WAUSA- Jesse Lange
WAYNE- Jordan Barry, Cory Foote, Shannon Jarvi and Hannah Mitiku
WILCOX- Brandi Brummer, Kevanie Damit-og and Benjamin Loschen

JULESBURG- Nicole Newth
PARKER- Jordan Hampton

ALGONA- Kirsten Lipps
AMES- Stephanie Holtman
COUNCIL BLUFFS- Brian Fountain

MARYSVILLE- Nicolas Stoll
NORTON- Austine Dole
OSBORNE- Jocelyn Conway

MAHTOMEDI- Kelly Skunes

GLADSTONE- Travis Stewart

AUSTIN- Kirsti Rehler

CHEYENNE- Colby Douglas