Winners Announced for the Fifth Annual UNK $martmoney Kid Essay Contest

Linda Lange
Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) project team leader,

Winners were announced for the fifth annual University of Nebraska at Kearney $martMoney Kid Essay Contest.

The UNK Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team sponsored the competition in conjunction with $martMoney Week on the campus. SIFE team president Kelsee Sharpe of Table Rock, SIFE member Jacqueline Blunck of Wausa and SIFE project team leader Linda Lange of Randolph judged the essays.

Entries in the essay competition were divided into two categories: grades 1-4 and grades 5-8. This week, SIFE team members  visited the winners in their respective schools to present savings bonds, cash and other prizes. In addition, all entrants received a participation prize.

Students in grades 1-4 submitted an essay in response to the following situation: Flooding caused by a huge storm has ruined your refrigerator, and it must be replaced. What might you do to help your family afford a new refrigerator? How would you recycle your old refrigerator to help keep the planet healthy?

First place winner in the grades 1-4 category was Dante Koupal of Kenwood Elementary School in Kearney. She is the daughter of Keith Koupal. Second place was awarded to Danny Fischer of Hartington. Danny is the son of Marc and Dixie Fischer, and he attends the Hartington Public Schools.

Fifth through eighth grade students submitted an essay in response to the following situation: Your dream is to attend college, but your family does not have enough money to pay for college along with all the other bills. You and your family need to find ways to afford college. What are some different ways to solve this problem? In your response be sure to address all of the following points: Why would you want to attend college? What are some of the ways you and your family could pay for college? Which way(s) do you think are best and why?

Jake Lammers of Overton won first place in the grades 5-8 category. Jake, who attends Overton Public Schools, is the son of Rick and Karri Lammers. Second place was awarded to Kurt Nelson of Kearney. Kurt, the son of Alison Nelson, attends Sunrise Middle School in Kearney.

The fifth annual $martMoney Week was held in November by the UNK Center for Economic Education and the Kearney Area $martMoney Advisory Council. $martMoney Week is designed to educate people of all ages about personal financial management and entrepreneurship. Free classes, seminars and activities providing information on these topics took place throughout the Kearney area. The educational activities were carried out by the local community groups, businesses, schools and nonprofit organizations.

UNK Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team members include:

– Ryan Grossnickelaus and Jordan Svajdlenka. 
– Keri Carder and Rudi Sup. 
– Paige Brown 
– Joe Mannschreck 
– Brittani Faimon 
Grand Island
– Kenny Galusha, Cassandra Hopkins and Sara McMillian. 
– Kayla Fischer 
– Julie Stepanek and Cyndi Vencill. 
– Elliot Becker 
– Brady Torpin 
– David Caskey 
– Jacob Navrkal 
– Linda Lange 
– Paul Knutson 
Table Rock
– Kelsee Sharpe 
– Luke Conrad 
– Nick Curnyn 
– Taylor Franzen 
– Reggie Ruhl and Nate Summerfield.

Red Oak
– Cam Deter


Chuanyao Zheng