Flute Studio in Parlor Performance, Saturday, Dec. 5, at the Frank House

KrisAnn Sullivan
Frank House director, 308.865.8284 OR sullivankw@unk.edu

Flute solos, duos and ensemble pieces will be featured in “Flute Studio in Parlor Performance” Saturday, Dec. 5, at the Frank House.

In all, 11 University of Nebraska at Kearney flute students, all of whom study with UNK music and performing arts lecturer Franziska Nabb, will perform. The event, which is free and open to the public, will begin at 1:30 p.m. at the historic mansion located on the UNK West Campus. Piano accompanists include Dr. Marilyn Musick of Kearney, Maiko Sugahara of Japan and Barbara Uden of Riverdale.

The event will open with “Minuet” by Boccherini for flute quartet. Quartet members include: JP Tapia of McCook, Kelci Fulton and Katie Trygg, both of Omaha, and Jacinda Uden of Riverdale. After the quartet, Emily Case, a Gibbon High School student, will perform
“Andante in C-major” by Mozart, with piano accompaniment by Sugahara. She will also perform “Waltz in B-minor” by Brahms later in the program.

Julie Gates of McCook, accompanied on piano by Sugahara, will perform “Sonata in G-minor” by Bach; Uden, accompanied on piano by Barbara Uden of Riverdale, will perform “Sonata in G-Major” by Vinci.

Brooke Harris of Wallace and Christopher Gugel of Amherst will perform two flute duets– “Sonata in D-major” by Telemann and “Allegro” by Mozart. In addition, Gugel will perform a solo, “Sonata in A-minor” by Bach, and Harris, accompanied on piano by Dr.  Musick, will perform “Concertino in D-major” by Chaminade.

Other soloists on the program, and their selections, include: Daisuke Yamaguchi of Japan, “Overture” from the B-minor suite by Bach;
Tapia, “Adagio” and “Minuet I and II” from Bach’s “Sonata in C-Major”; Fulton, “Allegro” by Bach; and Trygg, “Minuet” by Gluck and “Minuet” by Bach. All four will be accompanied by Dr. Musick on piano.

The performance will conclude with the entire flute class playing “Presto” by Seitz and “Russian Dance” by Updownsky.