First UNK Women’s Symposium Held Tuesday, Nov. 3

Tracy Lungrin
Greek adviser and leadership coordinator, 308.865.8519

Cyber bullying, attachment issues, and body image and the media were among topics to be discussed today at the first annual University of Nebraska at Kearney Women’s Symposium.

Keynote speaker Dr. Grace Mims, UNK counseling and school psychology associate professor, presented “When Friendship Hurts.”

“Every woman has conflicts or problems with friends once in a while,” Dr. Mims said.  “Whether it takes the form of an unexplainable rift or a devastating betrayal, a failed friendship can leave us feeling wounded, vulnerable or trigger revenge. This workshop will explore the extraordinary power of friendship in women’s lives, what causes friendships to falter, and how to mend them – or end them.”

Dr. Mims also discussed cyber bullying (electronic communication affects on friendships), forgiveness and attachment issues. Break-out sessions will follow the speaker.

According to Tracy Lungrin, UNK Greek Life coordinator, topics pertained to healthy relationships for women in the work place, school and home, along with self-esteem. Among the topics were: “He’s Just Not That Into You” by UNK mental health practitioner Kristin Steinbeck, “Killing Us Softly: Body Image and the Media” by Dr. Mims and a self-defense class by the UNK Police.

“The purpose was to unite women from different backgrounds to converse about issues that affect us all,” said Theresa Harrison, leader of the symposium’s committee. “Tracy and I felt the need to create something like a lecture series specific to our Greek women about issues facing them as young women. However, the more we thought about the concept the more we realized that these issues affect all women equally, whether they are Greek or not.”

The symposium was hosted by the UNK Women’s Center, UNK Counseling and Health Care offices, and Panhellenic Council, the governing body of the UNK social sororities.

“Members of Panhellenic Council have been great in organizing this event,” Lungrin said. “Claire Aylward, our vice president of programming, has really been the students’ voice. Kaitlin Doty, our public relations representative, designed the logo for the event.”

Aylward is from Lincoln, and Doty is from Omaha.

Members of Panhellenic Council are listed alphabetically by hometown:

Broken Bow– Emilee Ross, vice president of administration. 
– Sarah Mach, president.
Kearney– Allie Nightingale, vice president of recruitment; Amy Kratochvil, vice president
of membership; Madeline Mawby, vice president of social activities.
– Claire Aylward, vice president of programming; Samatha Bohl,
parliamentarian; Meagan Smedjir, executive vice president.
Omaha– Kaitlin Doty, vice president of public relations. 
– Katlynn Killion, vice president of leadership.