Fall Student Research Symposium Features Research by 34 UNK Students

John Falconer
Sponsored Programs director, 308.865.8496

Thirty-four University of Nebraska at Kearney students recently presented their projects at the annual Fall Student Research Symposium on the campus.

Students who did research as part of the Summer Student Research Program, Thompson Scholars and Undergraduate Research Fellows presented oral presentations or poster displays.

The Fall Student Research Symposium provides an opportunity for students to showcase research and creative work accomplished outside of the classroom. A survey of leading institutions in Nebraska and other states noted that UNK students report more involvement in out-of-class research than their peers in other institutions.

For more information on any of the UNK research programs, visit the Undergraduate Research Web site athttp://www.unk.edu/academics/gradstudies.aspx?id=5345.

Students who presented their work through oral presentations or poster displays are listed below, alphabetically by hometown, followed by their research project titles and their faculty mentors:

Arapahoe- Joshua Beck. “The Strength of the Student Model when Applied to Traditional and Activity Based Physics.” Dr. Trecia                 Markes, physics.

Arapahoe- Shane Riley.“The Massacre Canyon: The Last Buffalo Hunt.” Dr. Mark Ellis, history.

Axtell- Nancy Oertly.“Families and Bipolar Disorder: Developing Strength and Resilience Through Positive Coping Strategies.” Dr.                 Maha Younes, social work.

Broken Bow- Tara Spence. “Women and the Quest for Presidency: Gender and the Role of the Media.” Dr. Joan Blauwkamp, political         science.

Cambridge- Brittany Brown. “Exon-Intron Structure of the Immulectin- 1 Gene from Manduca Sexta.” Dr. Brad Ericson, biology.

Doniphan- Jeremy Stromer. “Polarizing Efficiency of Lyotopic Chromonic Liquid Crystals under Differing Temperature and                         Concentration Conditions.” Dr. Luba Kreminska and Dr. Mike Larsen, physics.

Grand Island- Andrew Greer. “High School Emergency Action Plan (EAP): Do you have one?” Dr. Nita Unruh, health, physical                 education and recreation.

Grand Island- Braeden Tyma. “Thompson Scholar Poster.” Dr. John Fronczak, art and art history.

Gretna- Jessica Bowden.“Teaching Sign Language to Help Build the Vocabulary of Those with Down Syndrome.” Dr. Jeff Kritzer,                 teacher education.

Hastings- Cheri Theesen. “Aromatherapy and Agitation Reduction in Dementia Patients.” Dr. Sandy Cook-Fong, social work.

Kearney- Danielle Policarpio.“The Development of a Monolithic Column capable of Separating and Quantifying Taurine” and                         “Designing a Redox Responsive Polymer.” Dr. Annette Moser, chemistry.

Kearney- Deidre Isaac. “Factors Associated with the Successful Completion of a Housing Program.” Dr. Sandy Cook-Fong, social                 work.

Kearney- Denise Rice. “Texting and the Family.” Dr. Sylvia Asay, family studies.

Kearney- Owen Johnson. “Mortality of small mammals and insects in littered bottles along roadways in Nebraska.” Dr. Keith Geluso,                 biology.

Lawrence- Jamie Hubl. “Single Parents in College.” Dr. Sylvia Asay, family studies.

Newport- Brittany Caldwell. “Month Variation in Bot Fly Parasitism of the White-Footed Mouse (Peromyscus leucopus).” Dr.Wyatt                 Hoback, biology.

Omaha- Jacob McGlade. “Analyzing eBay’s Geographical Influence in the United States.” Dr. Jason Combs, geography.

Omaha- Jeff Shank. “Do Term Limits Make Elections Exciting!?” Dr. Claude Louishomme, political science.

O’Neill- Taylor Carlson.“Development of a Chromatographic Method to Determine the Concentration of Virginiamycin in Water                 Samples.” Dr. Annette Moser, chemistry.

St. Libory- Laura Jensen. “Transmission – Written and Visual Art, and the Process Inherent.” Dr. Allison Hedge Coke, English.

St. Paul- Chelsey Cook. “Use of Sodium Thiosulfate in the Water Solution-Based Preparation of Copper Indium Disulfide.” Dr. Chris         Exstrom, chemistry.

St. Paul- Kyle Smydra. “Comparative study of the mechanical and physical characteristic differences of E85, 10% ethanol, and                 gasoline in small non-road engines (SNRE’s).” Dr. Mike Larsen, physics.

Wakefield- Annette Bierbower. “Diversity and Design-The Universal Language of Visual Communication.” Dr. Rick Schuessler, art and         art history.

Wayne- Nate Summerfield. “Social Capital: Theory into Action on College Campuses.” Dr. Peter Longo, political science.

Whitman- Anna Carr. “Digital Poetics.” Dr. Allison Hedge-Coke, English.

York- Janae Nienhueser. “Effects of energy drinks on resting and submaximal metabolism in college age males.” Dr. Greg Brown,                 exercise science.


West Palm Beach- Lacey Thornsburry.“Success rates of third-party candidates throughout the electoral.” Dr. Joan Blauwkamp,                 political science.
Scandia- Laura Housholder. “Animated Advertisements on Web Pages:  A Content Analysis.” Dr. Nanette Hogg, communication.
St. Francis- Derek Ross. “Wendell Berry’s Vision of America.” Dr. David Rozema, philosophy.

Chen Hou. “Mercuriation of 3, 3′-Diethyloxacarbocyanine Iodide for Mercuric Ion Detection and Protein Labeling.” Dr. Haishi Cao,                 chemistry.

Deepti Khedekar. “Corporate Crime:  A Comparison of Culture at Enron and Satyam.” Dr. Larry Carstenson, accounting/finance.
Sapana Upadhyay. “A Comparative Study of the Maternal and Child Health System and Status of the United States and Nepal.” Dr.                 Jodi Van Laningham, social work.
Rahima Rahmonova. “International Financial Reporting Standards Analysis.” Dr. Steve Hall, accounting/finance. “Sarbanes-Oxley Act         2002 in Health Care.” Dr. Laurie Swinney, accounting/finance.