World Affairs Conference Schedule for Planning Coverage

Ann Marie Park
International Education, 308.865.8944

Monday March 9
Ponderosa E
9:05-10:00     James E. Smith Midwest Conference on World Affairs Opening Address

  •  Mr. Andrew Busch, 
        Global FX (Foreign Exchange) Market Strategist for BMO Capital
      “World Event Trading:  How to Analyze and Profit from Today’s Headlines”
      • Introducer:

    Professor Robert Young

      , Department of Accounting and Finance

Ponderosa C & D
10:10-11:00     The Effects of Globalization on Intra and Inter-State Relations

      •  Dr. Roman Kosodiy
            , Associate Professor, Finance Department, Sumy National
            Agrarian University, Sumy, Ukraine
            “The Impact of Financial Globalization on National Financial Systems and
      •  Dr. Shimin Liu
            , Associate Professor, School of Business, University of
            International Business and Economics, Beijing, China
          “Going Global: An Organizational Learning Perspective on the International Expansion of Chinese Enterprises”

Mr. Jiri Ellinger, Political Secretary, Embassy of the Czech Republic

      • “The European Union in the World Politics at the Beginning of the 21st Century:
          View from the Current Czech EU Presidency“
      • Moderator:

    Dr. William Aviles

      , Department of Political Science

Ponderosa C & D
11:15-12:05     Ethnic Conflict and Civil Society in Central and South Asia

DrMuttukrishna Sarvananthan, Principle Researcher, Point Pedro Institute of
Development, Point Pedro, Sri Lanka
“Understanding the ‘Liberation’ Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and its Leader: A
Firsthand View”

      •  Dr. Shamsidden Karimov, 
            Director, Tajikistan Development Foundation, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
          “Post-Soviet Tajikistan and Democracy: Strengthening Civil Society as a Tool of Conflict Prevention”
      • Moderator:

    Dr. Nyla Ali Khan

      , Department of English

Ponderosa A & B
11:15-12:05     Science of Conflict Management

Dr. Kamlesh Lulla, Space Scientist and Consultant in Space and
Geospatial  Technology

          • “Space Technology and its Implications for Conflict Monitoring, Management and
      • Introducer:

    Dr. Vijendra Boken

      , Department of Geography

Sandhills Dining Room
12:05-1:15    Luncheon Address: Women’s Rights in Bahrain (By Invitation Only)

Her Excellency Ambassador Houda Ezra Nonoo, Embassy of Bahrain,
Washinton, D.C.

      • Introducer:

    Dr. Linda Van Ingen

      , Director of Women’s Studies

Ponderosa C & D
1:25-2:15    Human Rights and Activism in Latin America

  •  Dr. Katherine Hoyt
      , Co-Director, The Nicaragua Network
  •  Fredy Romeiro Campo Chicangana
      , Indigenous Colombian Poet
      • Moderator:

    Professor Allison Hedge Coke

      , Department of English

Ponderosa A & B
2:30-3:20    The Role of Higher Education in Conflict Avoidance

            • University of Nebraska

          Dr. Natalia Ilyashenko, 

            International Education Department, Novgorod State University, Veliky Novgorod, Russia

    Mr. Thomas A. Farrell, 

      Associate Vice President for International Affairs,

Moderator:  Dr. Finnie Murray, Office of International Education

Ponderosa C & D
2:30-3:20     The Role of Regional Powers in Conflict Management

  •  Mr. Mahmoud Farouk Amer, 


        Consul General, Consulate of the Arab
          Republic of Egypt, Chicago, IL
  •  Mr. Machiel van Niekerk,
         Consul Political, South African Consulate, Chicago, IL

    Dr. Chris Stevens, 

      Department of Political Science

Sandhills Dining Room
5:30-6:00     Chancellor’s Reception (By Invitation Only)

Chancellor’s Dining Room
6:00-7:30     Chancellor’s Dinner (By Invitation Only)

Opening Remarks: John A. Gale, Nebraska Secretary of State

Ponderosa E
8:00-9:00     Keynote Address: One Man, One Year, a World in Conflict

Kevin Sites, Conflict Journalist of “The Hot Zone”

      •  In the Hot Zone: One Man, One Year, Twenty Wars

          Book signing with Kevin Sites to follow screening

Tuesday, March 10

Ponderosa C & D
9:30-10:45     Stability and Peace in the Sudan

His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Akec K. A. Khoc, Embassy of the Sudan,
Washington, D.C. 

      • Introducer:

    Dr. Frank Tenkorang

      , Department of Economics

Ponderosa A & B
9:30-10:45    “Life in the Hot Zone” (By Invitation Only)

    • High School session / Malaika Foundation

Discussion with Kevin Sites

Ponderosa C & D
11:00-12:00     Freedom: The Path to Lasting Peace in the Sudan

      •  Reverend Heidi McGinness, 
            Director of Outreach for Christian Solidarity

Introducer: Dr. Frank Tenkorang, Department of Economics

Nebraskan Atrium
12:00-1:45     Take a Delegate to Lunch

Ponderosa C & D
2:00-3:15     Russia and Central Europe

Mr. Jan Jires, Department of Political Science, Charles University, Prague,
Czech Republic
“Central Europe and Russia: A Relationship Forever in Conflict?”

Dr. Hans-Peter Hinrichsen, Counselor, Embassy of Germany, Washington,

Moderator: Dr. Christopher Stevens, Department of Political Science

Sandhills Dining Room
6:00-7:30       International Education Dinner (By Invitation Only)

Ponderosa E
8:00-9:00    Keynote Address:  Touring the World in Conflict

            • Introduction:

          Dr. Charles Bicak

            ,Senior Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs & StudentLife
      • Discussion with

    Kevin Sites

In the Hot Zone: One Man, One Year, Twenty Wars
Book signing with Kevin Sites to follow screening