UNK Student Keith Becker To Deliver Speech About His Brother’s Alcohol-Related Car Crash

Tim Danube
associate director of the Nebraskan Student Union, 308.865.8523

UNK- “Where is Your Life Headed?” is the focus of a 7 p.m. presentation by Keith Becker, founder of the Todd Becker Foundation, on Thursday, Sept. 18, in the Nebraska Student Union Ponderosa Room.

Becker, a UNK junior, established the Todd Becker Foundation after his brother Todd, then an 18-year-old Kearney High School senior, was killed in a 2005 alcohol-related car fatality.

Becker will talk about the death of his brother in the car fatality. Also, during his speech he will be encouraging students to make positive decisions in their own lives.

Becker’s brother Todd was an 18-year-old senior at Kearney High School when he died on Feb. 5, 2005. He died in an alcohol-related one-vehicle accident where he was the front seat passenger in a car that sideswiped a parked pickup in a residential neighborhood in Kearney.

Since the incident, Becker has given presentations to more than 15,000 high school and college students from Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado about alcohol-related issues. So far, Keith Becker and members of the foundation have visited more than 85 schools on the way to their ultimate goal of speaking at all 315 high schools across the state of Nebraska.

The program, which is sponsored by Loper Programming and Activities Council (LPAC) and funded by UPFF, is free and open to the public.