Blue Cross Blue Shield Gift to Campus Kitchens

Renee Ballenger

The Campus Kitchen of the University of Nebraska at Kearney (CKUNK) is the recipient of a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBS) gift in the name of Jack Mills, chair of the BCBS Board of Directors.

BCBS and Mills gave CKUNK $4,000 as part of the company’s Board Directed Contributions Program.

The contribution will be used to assist the 13 leadership team members affiliated with this project in continuing “to strengthen bodies, empower minds and build communities.”

A school-based, student-powered organization that uses on-campus kitchen space, CKUNK recovers food from cafeterias, and prepares and delivers nutritious meals to those hungry and in need in the Kearney community.

According to Celann LaGreca, BCBS senior vice president of Corporate Strategy and Community Investment, “We make a concentrated effort to support initiatives and programs that promote healthier and happier communities.”

Heidi Woodard, community relations specialist with BCBS, noted to UNK: “This project (CKUNK) is further proof of your university’s commitment to the community, and we are proud to support your efforts.”