Dr. John Falconer
director of Sponsored Programs, 308.865.8496


The sixth annual fall symposium for the University of Nebraska at Kearney Summer Student Research Program is taking place today (Friday, Sept. 14) at the Nebraskan Student Union.

Oral presentations and poster displays will take place from 2 – 5 p.m. in Ponderosa C, D and E, and will showcase the research efforts and creative activities 18 students in chemistry, computer science, geography, history, economics, exercise science, finance/accounting, political science, psychology, special education and sociology.

According to Dr. John Falconer, director of Sponsored Programs, the event is open to the public and will be interesting to community members who want to see the type of scholarly work that UNK students do during their course of study.

“It is particularly valuable to departments across the campus who are working to strengthen student engagement through out-of-class learning opportunities,” he said, adding, “Many students report developing an interest in research after having seen the work of their peers at this and other conferences and symposiums. A survey of leading institutions in Nebraska and other states indicated that UNK students report more involvement in out-of-class research. 

The 18 students, listed by hometown, with research project title and their mentors in the 10-week summer program for 2007 follow: 

Jamie Knuth, Alma 
A definitive synopsis of encroaching vegetation in the Harlan County Reservoir
Mentor:  Professor Steele Becker, Geography 

Brooke McGee, Bertrand 
An Analysis of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s Jurisprudence and Opinions and Their Implications for Future Justices
Mentor:  Dr. Peter Longo, Political Science 

James Bird, Burwell 
Site-Directed Mutation of Switchgrass Ascorbate Peroxidase into Monomeric
 Form: Mutatgenesis and Characterization 
Mentor:  Dr. Frank Kovacs, Chemistry 

Dustin Lineweber, Denton 
Representation & Perception of Visual Data as Audio
Mentor:  Dr. John Hastings, Computer Science & Information Systems 

Joselyne Williams, Gothenburg 
Accounting Numbers, Financial Distress, and High-tech Firms
Mentor:  Dr. Steve Hall, Accounting & Finance 

Heather Hansen, Kearney 
Predicting Corporate Takeovers In The High-Tech Industry
Mentor:  Dr. Steve Hall, Accounting & Finance 

Matt Ingersoll, Kearney 
Variation of Indium-Gallium Stoichiometry in the Solvothermal Preparation of CuInx
Ga1-xSe2 Nanocrystalline Materials 
Mentor:  Dr. Chris Exstrom, Chemistry 

Peter Longo, Kearney 
UNK Football Early Years:  The Development of a Program, 1905-1929
Mentor:  Dr. Mark Ellis, History 

Michael McBride, Kearney 
Nature Tourism: The Economic Impact of Sandhill Crane Migration
Mentor:  Dr. Allan Jenkins, Economics 

Danielle Policarpio, Kearney 
Development of an Aerosol Albedometer
Mentor:  Dr. Jon Thompson, Chemistry 

Kyle Meyers, Lincoln 
Diels-Alder Synthesis of Exo-Norbornene-cis-5,6-Dicarboxylic
 Anhydride for Organic Chemistry Laboratory Instruction 
Mentor:  Dr. James Roark, Chemistry 

Craig Smith, North Platte 
The affects of ankle bracing on proprioceptive responses in healthy, college
 football athletes during summer conditioning 
Mentor:  Dr. Sam Lopez, Health, Physical Ed & Recreation 

Sara E. Brady, Ogallala 
Impact of Social Support and Social Support Networks on Life Crises

Mentor:  Drs. Rick Miller & Theresa Wadkins, Psychology 

Liz Petto, Omaha 
The Changing Constitutional Culture of Japan:  Threats in Asia Pacific and The United States-Japan Security Alliance
Mentor:  Dr. Peter Longo, Political Science 

Jenny L. Northrup, Oxford 
Toward a Postmodern Understanding: An Analysis of Comic Book Culture
Mentor:  Dr. Suzanne Maughan, Sociology 

Scott Erickson, Denver, CO 
Initial characterization of switchgrass ascorbate peroxidase activity toward aromatic substrates
Mentor:  Dr. Frank Kovacs, Chemistry 

Anja Eichel, Wismar, Germany 
Math Interventions for Students with Autism
Mentors:  Drs. Donna Montgomery & Cheryl Young, Teacher Education 

Anatole Mirasano, Kigali, Rwanda 
The effect of annealing process on CuInx
Ga1-xSe2 films prepared by solvothermal process 
Mentor:  Dr. Chris Exstrom 

For more information on the summer research program, visit the SSRP web site: Contact Dr. John Falconer or Dianne Holcomb, SSRP coordinators at 308.865.8496 for more details on the public symposium. 

Symposium Presentation Schedule:

Ponderosa Room C 
2:00 Matt Ingersoll, Chemistry 
2:20 Sara E. Brady, Psychology 
2:40 Michael McBride, Economics 
3:00 Anja Eichel, Special Education/Early Education 
3:20 James Bird, Chemistry 
3:40 Danielle Policarpio, Chemistry 
4:00 Craig Smith, HPERLS-Exercise Science 
4:20 Peter Longo, History 
4:40 Kyle Meyers, Chemistry 

Ponderosa Room D 
2:00 Heather Hansen, Finance/Accounting 
2:20 Joselyne Williams, Finance/Accounting 
2:40 Anatole Mirasano, Chemistry 
3:00 Jenny L. Northrup, Sociology, Geography & Earth Science 
3:20 Jamie Knuth, Sociology, Geography & Earth Science 
3:40 Dustin Lineweber, Computer Science & Information Systems 
4:00 Scott Erickson, Chemistry 
4:20 Brooke McGee, Political Science 
4:40 Liz Petto, Political Science