NEWS ADVISORY – NCAA Outreach program promotes the Women’s Elite Eight Championship, coming to UNK March 21-24

Susan Williams
assistant for compliance, 308.865.1563

Susan Williams said, “Visiting the classrooms is our outreach program to help promote the
Women’s Elite Eight Championship coming March 21-24th. We have our UNK student-athletes
volunteering to go into these Kearney Public Schools to teach the kids about goal setting,
teamwork and sportsmanship. We use different activities to get them involved while teaching
them about these important characteristics that help make a successful athlete and person.”
They go to the classroom four different times leading up to the championships. Three to talk about
those lessons, and then the fourth one to make a poster using the things they have learned and
wish one of the teams from the region good luck. After the kids finish their poster they are hung up
at UNK’s health and sports center.