Ann Tillery

Holdrege native Monica Fuentes recently began writing journal entries about her college experiences to be posted on the University of Nebraska at Kearney’s website.  
Fuentes is one of four UNK students selected to provide detailed logs and photos of their college lives to be uploaded to the university’s homepage.  
The journal entries that Fuentes authors cover all aspects of student life, including involvement in student organizations, socializing and classes. 
Fuentes was selected to become one of the four online journalists after submitting an application and interviewing for the position. She said she learned about the opportunity through a friend and decided to apply.  
While Fuentes has a number of stories to tell from her campus activities, including projects in the Office of Multicultural Affairs and as a Mantor Hall Resident Adviser, she does not feel that loading her entries with long blocks of text is appropriate.
“My journal is just so people can see some of the stuff happening at UNK,” she said. “I like to include a lot of pictures and fewer words, because I know that’s what I would want   to look at if I were reading these journals,” Fuentes said about her journal entries.  
Aside from being involved in many campus activities, Fuentes is keeping herself busy planning for her upcoming wedding.
“I’m getting married in July and that’s definitely one thing that sets me apart from the other journalists.” She said, “I haven’t written about it too much yet, but I think it will be good for students to see that being married and being in school is very possible!”  
There is no single topic that Fuentes limits herself to when writing her journal entries. She says that she tries to write about the things that would interest prospective students, including life in the residence halls and campus events. However, she also likes to write about random college experiences, such as the dreaded “freshman 15″, i.e., the 15 pounds that freshmen tend to gain.  
According Fuentes, the most important thing readers can learn from her journal entries is that “it’s possible to balance classes with other commitments.” She added, “Being involved on-campus is what has made my time at UNK so unforgettable.”  
The other three UNK online journalists are Nathan Andreesen of Ord , Kristen Brockman of Omaha  and Kevin Wait of Ogallala . To view any of these online journalists’ entries, log-on to www.unk.edu, and click the “online student journals” photo at the top-left corner of the UNK homepage.