Centennial Lecture Series – Thursday, March 23, at UNK

Dr. Robert Rycek
associate dean of the UNK College of Natural and Social Sciences, 308.865.8235
Centennial Lecture Series  

Thursday, March 23rd  
Room 312 Nebraskan Student Union  
hosted by the
College of Fine Arts & Humanities  

Paul B. Smith
Assistant Professor of Voice  
Department of Music & Performing Arts

Living with Language:
How Living and Working in Europe Has Influenced My Teaching, Research and Performance

An opera singer is expected to have the facility to speak or at least pronounce many foreign languages. After a few short years on the German stage I turned to the world of speech pathology and linguistics to improve my performance capabilities. Through that research the phonetic structure, prosody and articulation of foreign language became a mainstay in my approach. The discussion will touch on these very important tools and how they can be incorporated into the singer’s artistic expression.

This is a brown-bag luncheon lecture series that will be presented monthly.  Cookies/brownies and beverage will be provided and the lecture series is open to the entire campus community and the general public.   

sponsored by 
The College of Natural & Social Sciences  

The College of Fine Arts & Humanities