Dr. Marilyn Hadley


The second of two statewide teacher education group meetings will take place on the University of Nebraska at Kearney campus tomorrow (Friday, March 10), according to UNK College of Education Dean Marilyn Hadley.  
On Thursday, the Nebraska Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (NACTE) met in the College of Education Building. NACTE includes members from every college and university in Nebraska that offers a teacher education program. The Nebraska Department of Education’s Director of Teacher Education Marge Harouff will also attend this event with her staff to serve as a resource.
The second meeting is for the Nebraska Council on Teacher Education (NCTE). The NCTE meeting will begin at 9 a.m. in the Nebraskan Student Union on Friday (March 10). This organization includes members from each college that offers teacher education programs in Nebraska. In addition, teacher representatives from public and parochial schools are appointed to the NCTE.
Recommendations made by these two groups are sent to the Nebraska Department of Education. According to Dean Hadley, the purpose of NACTE and NCTE is to “keep all members informed of issues affecting teacher education in Nebraska.”
Among the top issues facing education in Nebraska is upcoming retirements of educators across the state.
According to Dean Hadley, “One-third of NSEA members will be of an age to retire in the next five years. The real concern is the pipeline for secondary education.”
Educators attending the NCTE meetings Friday will focus on beginning the development of a strategic plan for recruitment, retention and renewal of quality educators for Nebraska.
Both the NACTE and the NCTE meetings are coordinated to meet three times a year. The last time UNK hosted these meetings was three years ago.
UNK, a founding member of NACTE, has been represented in NCTE since the group was founded. Members of both organizations are coming from all areas of the state, including Chadron, Wayne, Peru and Omaha.