Nationally Known Motivational Speaker Ron Gustafson Coming to UNK

Dr. Marilyn Hadley

Nationally known motivational speaker Ron “Gus” Gustafson will deliver the keynote address at the Friday, Nov. 18, University of Nebraska at Kearney/Region IV Student Leadership Conference.

Gustafson will speak from 9:15 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in the Ponderosa Room of the Nebraskan Student Union. His address, “Turning a Setback into a Comeback,” touches on the topics of getting past the ‘garbage’ in life, never giving up and having the courage to face the next challenge.

The fourth and fifth grade students attending the leadership conference will then spend the afternoon exploring the different areas of study that UNK has to offer. The can experience nine different workshops provided by faculty in departments across campus.

The locations, presenters and workshops include:

Fine Arts Building-  Gary Schaaf, a professor in the Department of Music & Performing Arts, will give a dance demonstration, and students will get to go behind the scenes with Janice Fronczak, an assistant professor of theatre, to tour the UNK Theatre including the theatre house, backstage and control booth and learn how UNK puts on a theatre production.
     Otto Olson Building-  Terry Gibbs, senior lecturer in the Department of Industrial Technology, will demonstrate how to fly a plane using the department’s new flight simulator and the excitement of working in the airway science field.
     Copeland Hall-  Psychology professor Dr. Bill Wozniak will take students on an auditory and visual localization called, “Ears, Eyes and You.”
     Bruner Hall Planetarium-  Dr. Jose Mena-Werth, professor of physics and physical science, will take youth leaders on a journey of the planets and stars.
     Calvin T. Ryan Library-  Mary Rittenhouse, director of the Center for Economic Education, will involve students in hands-on economics activities.
     College of Education Building-  Shelley Haberlan, director of computer technology for the College of Education, will take students through a demonstration of the SmartBoard and other technologies used to preparing teachers for classrooms of their own.
     Cushing Coliseum-  Eve Scantling, a senior lecturer in physical education and recreation, will involve students in activities that stress leadership and the necessity to work as a team.
     Nebraskan Student Union-  Cami Wacker, associate director of student development/retention, will take students on a tour of several areas in the Nebraskan Student Union and discuss student leadership development at UNK.

The 5th and 6th graders attending the leadership conference represent the following schools:

     Ayr- Ayr Public School  
 Centura Elementary  
 Chapman Elementary  
 Doniphan Elementary 
 Franklin Elementary  
Grand Island-
 Cedar Hollow Public School, Stolley Park Elementary  
 Alcott Elementary, Hawthorne Elementary, Lincoln Elementary,
Longfellow Elementary, Morton Elementary, Raymond A Watson
 Bryant Elementary, Central Elementary, Emerson Elementary,
Glenwood Elementary, Horizon Middle School, Kenwood Elementary,
Meadowlark Elementary, Northeast Elementary, Sunrise Middle School  
 Bryan Elementary, Lexington Middle School, Morton Elementary,
Pershing Elementary, Sandoz Elementary  
 J Sterling Morton Elementary  
 Pleasanton Elementary  
 Ravenna Elementary  
 Shelton Elementary  
St. Paul-
 St. Paul Elementary
      Trumbull- Trumbull Elementary