Halloween Trick or Treaters for Child Development Center

Cheryl Bressington
Human Resources director, 308.865.8388

Halloween   Trick or   Treaters from   the Child   Development Center
Do You have Your Tricks and Treats Ready?

Witches, ghosts and goblins.  Stealing down the street, Knock on every doorway, Trick or treat!  When your door is opened, This is what you meet, Scary creatures shouting, Trick or treat!

Monday,October  31stfrom  9:00a.m.  to11:00  a.m.

Plan  on50  participants

The children will parade through campus starting at Otto Olsen, through Memorial Student Affairs, Copeland Hall (first floor), Founders Hall (first floor), Bruner Hall of Science (first floor), the Fine Arts Building, the Health and Sports Complex, and then Otto Olsen.  If the weather does not cooperate, the children will parade through Otto Olsen and everyone is welcome to participate there.  An announcement will be made the morning of October 31st.