Centennial Lecture Series Features Dr. Kathryn Benzel Thursday

Dr. Robert Rycek
associate dean of the UNK College of Natural and Social Sciences, 308.865.8235

Centennial Lecture Series
sponsored by  
The College of Natural & Social Sciences
The College of Fine Arts & Humanities
Sigma Xi: The Scientific Research Society
Phi Kappa Phi

Thursday, October 20, 2005
12:30-1:45 PM
Room 310 Nebraskan Student Union  
hosted by
The College of Fine Arts & Humanities

Kathryn Benzel
Professor of English

Present and Presence:  
Teaching in the 21st Century

In any discipline we “teachers” have a responsibility to articulate to our students the principles that guide our thinking and learning in order to cultivate these same principles.  This statement implies that we get to decide what students should know, how they should learn it, and when they’ve succeeded (or not)–that sounds pretty self-important.  Rather than this sort of self-serving posture, I suggest that what we learn and how we learn is (or should be) part of our “teaching”; in other words, the ways that we influence students is not by teaching but by demonstrating learning.

This is a brown-bag luncheon lecture series that will be presented monthly.  Cookies/brownies and beverage will be provided and the lecture series is open to the entire campus community and the general public.