Fall Symposium Features UNK Summer Student Research Program Projects Thursday and Friday

Dianne M. Holcomb
assistant director, Office of Sponsored Programs, 308.865.8481

The research efforts and creative activities of 30 University of Nebraska at Kearney students who participated in the 2005 Summer Student Research Program projects featured in the fourth annual fall symposium Thursday and Friday, Sept. 15-16, in the Nebraskan Student Union Ponderosa Room.

Oral presentations and poster displays will take place 2-4 p.m. both days and will showcase the students’ work in the areas of accounting and finance, art and art history, biology, chemistry, communication, communication disorders, criminal justice, English, history, human performance, management, marketing, music and performing arts, political science, psychology and social work.

This event is free and open to the public, and will be interesting to community members who want to see the type of scholarly work that UNK students do during their course of study, said Dianne Holcomb, assistant director of Sponsored Programs at UNK.

“The symposium is particularly valuable to departments across the campus who are working to strengthen student engagement through out-of-class learning opportunities,” she added. “Many students report developing an interest in research after having seen the work of their peers at this and other conferences and symposiums.”

A survey of leading institutions in Nebraska and other states indicated that UNK students report more involvement in out-of-class research.

The program schedule–listing student presenters, student hometowns, project titles and mentors in the 10-week summer program–follows:

Thursday, Sept. 15:

Ponderosa C

2:00     Andrea Herndon,   Lincoln
Executive Compensation and Financial Restatements
Mentor:  Dr. Steve Hall, Accounting and Finance

2:15     Anne Potts, Kearney

Beyond Music:  Auditory Temporary Threshold Shift Following Exposure to a Live Rock Concert

Mentor:  Dr. Kenya Taylor, Communication Disorders

2:30     Alvah Stahlnecker IV, Omaha

Acute effects of a weight loss supplement on resting metabolic rate and anaerobic exercise performance

Mentor:  Dr. Greg Brown, Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Leisure Studies

2:45     Lawnie Woolsey, Stanton

Expression and Purification of Leghemoglobin from Partridge Pea

Mentor:  Dr. Frank Kovacs, Chemistry

3:00     Elizabeth Schnieder, Kearney
The Equal Rights Amendment in Nebraska
Mentor:  Dr. Linda Van Ingen, History

3:15     Alicia Mueller, Grand Island
Platte River Water Policy and Agriculture in Nebraska
Mentor:  Dr. Peter Longo, Political Science

3:30     Danielle Temple, Colorado Springs
Quenching Colorado’s Water Needs
Mentor:  Dr. Peter Longo, Political Science

3:45     David Christensen, Alliance

Endless Battle: A Statistical Analysis of Historical Opinion on Gettysburg

Mentor:  Dr. Vernon Volpe, History

Ponderosa D

2:00     Lindsey LaShell, North Platte

Role of Appearance on Sales Performance via State of Mind

Mentor:  Dr. Srivatsa Seshadri, Marketing and Management Information Systems

2:15     Jessica Isaac, Kearney
Beethoven Mythology, A Composer’s Function
Mentor:  Dr. Susan Honeyman, English

2:30     Katie Smith, Kearney
Internet Collection of Sales and Use Taxes in the United States
Mentor:  Dr. Larry Carstenson, Accounting and Finance

2:45     Jennifer Bienhoff, Kensington, KS
The Faceless Identity of the Woman Poet:  Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton
Mentor:  Dr. Kathryn Benzel, English

3:00     Dearra Johnson, Verdon
COMING TO AMERICA:  The Opportunities and Barriers of Assimilation
Mentor:  Dr. Claude Louishomme, Political Science

3:15     Martin Demoret, Scottsbluff

Nebraska Farmers and Environmentalists:  Partners in Conservation or Opponents Battling for Resources?

Mentor:  Dr. William Wozniak, Psychology

3:30     Jeff Kenney, Omaha
Figural Study I
Mentor:  Dr. Elizabeth Kronfield, Art and Art History

3:45     Cherry Stevens, Lisco
The Innate Spirituality of Man:  A Cohesive Body of Work
Mentor:  Dr. Elizabeth Kronfield, Art and Art History

Friday, Sept. 16:

Ponderosa C
2:15     Allison Swendener, North Platte

Effects of exercise combined with a low carbohydrate
diet on health

Mentor:  Dr. Greg Brown, Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Leisure Studies

2:30     Korena Holen, Omaha

Work Patterns of Social Workers

Mentor:   Dr. Sandy Cook-Fong, Social Work

2:45     Scott Vincent, York

Ä2-Isoxazolines from â,ã-Unsaturated Oximes

Mentor:   Dr. Michael Mosher, Chemistry

3:00     Erika Jones, Gibbon
Childhood: A Research Study in Creative Imagery
Mentor:  Dr. Thomas Dennis, Art and Art History

3:15     Adrienne Olin, Paonia, CO

Short Term Effects of Music on Mild Depression with Competent
Elderly Living in Assisted Living Facilities

Mentor:   Dr. Ronald Crocker, Music and Performing Arts

3:30     Jason Damm, Shelton
Inventory of Bat Species Using the Happy Jack Chalk Mine
Mentor:  Dr. Joseph Springer, Biology

3:45     Jody Elson, Curtis

Expression of Ascorbate Peroxidase from Switchgrass

Mentor:  Dr. Frank Kovacs, Chemistry

Ponderosa D

2:00     Sara Gerdes, Kearney

Is a Job Reference Really a Reference? Addressing the
‘Name, Rank, and Serial Number’ Policy through Legislation
in Nebraska.

Mentor:  Dr. Bruce Elder, Accounting and Finance

2:15     Jeff Sylvester, Kearney

The Multi-generational Workplace:  Implications
for Human Resource Management

Mentor:   Dr. David Palmer, Management

2:45     Russtanna Faimon, Grand Island
Ur-Song and its Impact in Music Therapy
Mentor:   Dr. Ronald Crocker, Music and Performing Arts

3:00     Thomas McCarty, Beatrice
The Meatpacking Industry’s Impact on Crime Rates
Mentor:   Dr. James Gilbert, Criminal Justice

3:15     Preston Larson, Broken Bow

Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Binuclear
Molybdemun-diimine-diphosphine Complexes. The
First Step Toward Solvatochromic “Molecular Grid” Materials

Mentor:   Dr. Christopher Exstrom, Chemistry

3:30     Erica Sanchez, Alliance, NE
Sentencing of Native Americans in the State of Nebraska
Mentor:  Dr. Kurt Siedschlaw, Criminal Justice

3:45     Katy Bodenhamer, Hershey

Pizza, Pepsi, and Multiculturalism: A Content Analysis of
Super Bowl Commercials, 1996 through 2005

Mentor:  Dr. Ruth Brown, Communication

For more information on the summer research program, visit the SSRP web site:
http://www.unk.edu/acad/gradstudies/ssrp/. Contact John Falconer or Dianne Holcomb, SSRP Coordinators at 865-8496 for more details on the public symposium.