Mary Sommers
Financial Aid director, 308.865.8520

The University of Nebraska at Kearney has announced the Chancellor’s Scholar Award recipients for 2003-2004.

According to May Sommers, UNK director of Financial Aid, the recipients receive $2,000 per year, renewable for up to four years. That total dollar value of the scholarship is $8,000. To receive the award, the recipient must have at least a 23 ACT composite score and have a class rank in the top 30 percent of their high school graduating class.

Chancellor’s Scholar Award recipients are listed alphabetically by hometown, along with their anticipated major:

Cassandra Olson     Albion      HISTORY EDUCATION 7-12
Danielle     Salber     Albion      MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY COMP
Torey     McMullen     Anselmo      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Ann     Butterfield     Ayr      PRE-NURSING
Robyn     Davis     Bassett      ELEMENTARY EDUCATION K-6
Brooke     McGee     Bertrand      POLITICAL SCIENCE
Kyle     Smith     Blair      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Jonathan     Miller     Broken Bow      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Lindsey     Struckman     Brule      BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COMP
Bethany     Potter     Columbus      PSYCHOLOGY
Sara     Barent     Cozad      CRIMINAL JUSTICE
Lisa     Elson     Curtis      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
John     Wiedeman     Dalton      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Traci     Perlinger     Elsie      PRE-PHYSICAL THERAPY
Brent     Bollwitt     Ewing      PRE-PHARMACY
Reba     Craig     Farnam      PRE-MEDICAL
Kyle     Williams     Franklin      COMPUTER SCIENCE COMPREHENSIVE
Nicole     Dickmeyer     Fremont      PRE-PHYSICAL THERAPY
Ben     Carlson     Genoa      GENERAL STUDIES
Becky     Nelson     Gordon      CRIMINAL JUSTICE
Chelsey     Brock     Gothenburg      BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COMP
Kaleigh     Cook     Grand Island      ENGLISH
Heather     Ruge     Grand Island      PRE-RADIOLOGY
Lea     Schneider     Grand Island      PRE-NURSING
Courtney     Sheffield     Grand Island      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Racheal     Strong     Grand Island      PRE-VETERINARY
Ashley     Washburn     Grand Island      PRE-NURSING
Mika     Huntrods     Harrison      BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COMP
Margaret     Sheehy     Hastings      PRE-MEDICAL
Kara     Bergman     Holdrege      ELEMENTARY EDUCATION K-6
Leah     Sinner     Holstein      BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COMP
Kelsey     Vacha     Howells      PHYSICS
Thomas     Anderson     Kearney      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Kristan     Barleen     Kearney      BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COMP
Sophie     Dubas     Kearney      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Morgan     Farrell     Kearney      PRE-PHARMACY
Sarah     Giffin     Kearney      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Emily     Gilbreath     Kearney      CHEMISTRY COMPREHENSIVE
Brandon     Gufford     Kearney      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Tyler     Humphrey     Kearney      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Joelle     Thompson     Kearney      HISTORY
Ashley     Zinnel Kearney          RADIOGRAPHY COMPREHENSIVE
Julie     Edeal     Lexington      PRE-PHYSICAL THERAPY
Michael     Rickertsen     Lexington      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Kimberly     Sanderman Lexington      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Lindsey     Fairchild     Lincoln      ELEMENTARY EDUCATION K-6
Jennifer     Fritz     Lincoln      COMPUTER SCIENCE
Marisha     Lenz     Lincoln      ELEMENTARY EDUCATION K-6
Stacey     Bonner     Madison      CRIMINAL JUSTICE
Lindsey     Dame     Mccook      PRE-PHARMACY
Megan     Saathoff     Miller      BIOLOGY
Jessica     Haight     Minden      BIOLOGY
Benjamin     Brummels     Norfolk      BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COMP
Matthew     Grunke     Norfolk      PSYCHOLOGY EDUCATION 7-12
Rebecca     Coulter     North Platte      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Jamie     Madsen     North Platte      PHYSICS
Ashley     Stillwell     North Platte      PRE-DENTAL
Derrick     Drohman     Oak      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Benjamin     Johnson     Omaha      MUSIC
Daniel     Pane     Omaha      EXERCISE SCIENCE
Katie     Ransdell     Omaha      PRE-NURSING
Whitney     Rogers     Omaha      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Kevin     Thompson     Omaha      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Josh     Tolliver-Humpal Omaha      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Kari     Brummels     Osmond      BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION
Amanda     Kuhr     Platte Center      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Katie     Marquette     Sutherland      PSYCHOLOGY COMPREHENSIVE
Lisa     Renner     Tilden      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Jill     Connot     Valentine      MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY COMP
Andy     Wesely     Wahoo      PHYSICS EDUCATION 7-12
Jessica     Clark     Wallace      JOURN: MASS MEDIA
Miranda     Gardels     Wilcox      PRE-DENTAL HYGIENE