Mary Sommers
Financial Aid director, 308.865.8520

The University of Nebraska at Kearney has announced the Cooperating School Scholarship Award recipients for 2003-2004.

These students are receiving a $1,500 scholarship renewable for up to four years, for a total dollar value of $6,000, according to Mary Sommers, UNK director of Financial Aid.

Students receiving the scholarship have been nominated by their high school guidance counselors.

Recipients are listed alphabetically by hometown, along with their anticipated major:

Dayla     Lutz     Benkelman      PRE-OPTOMETRY
Marcus     Vontz     Cambridge      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Rachael     Garrett     Central City      MATHEMATICS EDUCATION: 7-12 SUBJECT
Danielle     Samler     Columbus      ENGLISH
Matt     Skiles     Columbus      PSYCHOLOGY
Rebecca     Wichelt     Cozad      BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COMP
Charles     Rudeen     Elm Creek      INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTION COMP
Matthew     Kallhoff     Elyria      AGRIBUSINESS
Candice     Ahl     Fremont      ELEMENTARY EDUCATION K-6
Dana     Jones     Grand Island      BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COMP
Jennifer     Nielsen     Grand Island      INTERIOR DESIGN COMPREHENSIVE
Stacey     Niemoth     Grand Island      PRE-PHYSICAL THERAPY
Shannon     ONeill     Grand Island      BIOLOGY COMPREHENSIVE
Alicia     Oseka     Grand Island      SOCIOLOGY
Scott     Schisler     Grand Island      BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COMP
Emily     Dunlop     Holdrege      PSYCHOLOGY
Katie     Dolan     Indianola      EARLY CHILDHOOD UNIFIED
Amanda     Badgley     Kearney      ELEMENTARY EDUCATION K-6
Nicholas     Bennett     Kearney      PRE-PHARMACY
Sarah     Emal     Kearney      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Ethan     Fitch     Kearney      BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COMP
Julia     Gosswein     Kearney      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Kira     Hancock     Kearney      PRE-PHARMACY
Mary     Holoubeck     Kearney      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Crystal     Jacobson     Kearney      GENERAL STUDIES
Samantha     Jones     Kearney      ENGLISH EDUCATION 7-12
Jeremiah     Karg     Kearney      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Joseph     Knispel     Kearney      MUSIC EDUCATION K-12
Heather     Korte     Kearney      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Kiley     Kreutzer     Kearney      THEATRE EDUCATION 7-12
Tyler     Krohn     Kearney      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Shawn     Patsios     Kearney      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Chase     Placzek     Kearney      INFORMATION SYSTEMS
Aaryn     Prochaska     Kearney      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Brent     Roemmich     Kearney      PRE-PHARMACY
Brittney     Sazama     Kearney      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Danielle     Shultz     Kearney      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Kellen     Skarka     Kearney      BUS ADM AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS MGT
Laura     Thomas     Kearney      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Justin     Wolf     Kearney      BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COMP
Andrea     Zecha     Kearney      PRE-PHARMACY
Kylee     Hoffmaster     Lexington      PSYCHOLOGY
Ryan     Kulhanek     Lexington      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Joseph     May     Lexington      BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COMP
Tori     Seberger     Lexington      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Sasha     Stewart     Lexington      ELEMENTARY EDUCATION K-6
Ashlee     Whittington Lexington      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Keenan     McCurdy     Lincoln      ELEMENTARY EDUCATION K-6
Ryan     Waters     Lincoln      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Mark     Schukar     Loomis      CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT COMP
David     Carstens     Minden      PRE-PHYSICAL THERAPY
Aleksis     Shybut     North Platte      PRE-MEDICAL
Andrea     Trew     North Platte      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Leon     Hansmeier     Ogallala      PRE-CHIROPRACTIC
Jason     Pennington Omaha      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Natalie     Peterson     Omaha      COMMUNICATION DISORDERS COMP
Grace     Thompson     Omaha      ELEMENTARY EDUCATION K-6
Stephanie     Dorothy     Pleasanton      SPEECH COMMUNICATION
Matt     Tonniges     Ravenna      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Danielle     Bochart     Rockville      PRE-NURSING
Rachael     Skiles     Scottsbluff      ELEMENTARY EDUCATION K-6
Ashley     Berumen     Shelton      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Krista     Hannon     Shelton      PRE-PHYSICAL THERAPY
Shari     Fritz     Sidney      PRE-OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY
Kaylee     Lubken     Trumbull      DECIDING – UNDERGRAD
Matthew     Junge     York      PRE-PHYSICAL THERAPY